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This is a strange title to give someone who was elected to office by the American people.


NATO is 300 million Americans defending 600 million Europeans from 150 million Russians. It makes zero geopolitical sense in 2017. It hasn’t made any geopolitical sense since 1991.

I think the US would step in in both situations. The difference is the Europeans can easily afford to defend themselves. It’s much harder for 23 million Taiwanese to defend themselves against 1400 million chinese (though the strait does help).


I’m sorry. It was a joke. Just like his presidency, and the next 4 years of US/Geo politics will be.

He is not Hitler. No. The more educated of us will see him as Milošević. His rise to power was identical to his (a populist-nationalist rage, coupled with fear of a certain religious minority). And he has flavors of Karadžić, as well. (seriously, they have the same hairstyle!) With some states already defying him, I wonder if the US will go down the same road of the once proud Yugoslavia.

Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Reagan, Carter…etc, were politicians. Nothing more. Nothing less. They were bullshit artists. Some better than others. The came to town talking a big talk. The educated among us cried “bullshit!” but went along with it. They knew that. They knew that we knew they were full of shit. We elect* the best liar. This asshole, actually believes what he says. He believes he can get what he wants by bullying people around (Milošević) and by being overtly hostile to and painting the media who disagree with him as “fake” and denying access from opposition media (Milošević). If he doesn’t get his way with other governments, he will bully other republics (Milošević) and become openly hostile towards them (Milošević) and he will seek allies with those who oppose those who oppose him (Milošević).

Constitutionally speaking, he won the election with that archaic electoral college. He lost the popular vote, despite his disagreeing with the facts. There was no voter fraud to speak of. He has no mandate. Bush, had no mandate his first term. In fact, back to back GOP presidencies were lost to the popular vote in their first term! (In fact, all presidents who were elected losing the popular vote were republicans! no wonder they (kind of) love the constitution!) Trump did not have, as he claims, the widest victory margin, or the largest inauguration (despite what he believes).

So. Yeah. Joke.


If it didn’t make any sense, and by deduction is useless, then why did Putin threaten action against Poland if they installed a missile defense shield? Why does he threaten action against Georgia, or the Baltic states, or the Ukraine (already acted on) if they go NATO? I do not think NATO will do anything if he acted on a member. There might be some huff and puff, but little else.


The Cold War never really ended. That’s the truth of it. Russian tyranny got knocked back on its heels for some years is all that happened.

The Cold War isn’t over. Boris Yeltsin is over.

But dammit, dependency is a bad thing. And it breeds resentment on both sides. Let them carry their own weight for a change. Better all around.


Do you like to watch RT? There are some strange people on that show but I like it


My point is that the various nations of Europe are wealthy enough to defend themselves, and the USA does not need to be there at all. Russia has a lower GDP than about 5 individual NATO states (not including the USA).


It’s done. The power differential between the US and Russia now is huge. We may even see Chinas military overtake Russias in the near future. Neither country comes close to approaching the US.


I do. They usually have interesting stuff. It’s probably still bullshit, but at least they don’t assume the viewer has a double-digit IQ.


No the double digit IQs are those who support the Paris Treaty because of all it would accomplish. So important. So correct. So… intelligent.


Half the world has a double digit IQ


True enough, but they’re catered for by Fox News :slight_smile:


I could have sworn CNN had that market cornered. :sunglasses:


First of all, if you think that any of the news you refer to requires an IQ above 100/99, you seriously should get yours checked. It might be below a certain threshold.

Neither the news nor the Trump cabinet requires an IQ above 70.

You still got each other licking each other’s asses. What IQ is required for that? Or, is it more about the EQ?


Hamlet: the point about RT is that they often report on stuff you won’t hear about on CNN. Not just “today Trump said such-and-such”. Quirky things, or events in countries other than the US (like, countries that Americans probably haven’t heard of). It’s more a sort of current-affairs magazine than “news” as such.


That’s why you should speak several languages.
Watching RT doesn’t require a high IQ, filtering the propaganda requires a lot of knowledge.

Filtering the propaganda from the above doesn’t take any IQ, only leaves me with one question.

What does poo taste like?


unfortunately,while I enjoy its quirkiness its.100% a tool of Putin.


Oh sure. @Hamlet, I never said it was free of propaganda. The news is entertainment, that’s all. If you’re expecting facts, you might as well just read a history book. It’s all the same thing, repeating itself over and over. It’s just the names are slightly different, and people say “Lo!” and “behold!” a lot less than they used to. Which is a pity, really.


Every Republican president is an idiot according to the left. Never was there a dumber president than Reagan or Bush or now Trump and yet… Jimmy Carter was supposedly one of the smartest… according to the left… and well… um… see where I am going with this?


Are you trying to say Trump is NOT the dumbest Prez eva?.