America heading for anarchy

Don’t know if this was the same in Portland Oregon but all Walmarts in Portland are closing

How can this be tolerated in America

Just hundreds of people looting a store

This happens and the store will close

The target in Oakland I work near has 4 armed guards

Can you imagine this is America and not a third world nation ?

Or is America now becoming a third world nation

If dedollarisation picks up steam civil war is on horizon!

Inflation and depreciation will ignite recession, regression, stagnation and depression!

That’s what happens when the working poor that could afford just the basics like food and shelter before no longer can afford that. That’s what happens when inflation gets out of control with the government blessing.

The USA better hope hyperinflation doesn’t kick in or things are going to get rough.


Millions moving to USA from everywhere!

Land is plenty but where’s the economy to sustain capitalism???

Agriculture would be an option!

Yeah, it’s something like that, but also worse. Especially on the west coast. People with white collar jobs living in their cars because rent anywhere livable within two hours of their workplace is more than they make. Everyone’s like “America is in a state of chaos! People are stealing soap and toilet paper and basic foods from Walmart and the police won’t bother with them if the total value of the merchandise they’re stealing doesn’t exceed a thousand dollars!” and any economist and historian that hasn’t profited enormously from capitalism is like “duh. Wha’dya think would happen?”


I’m just wondering if you’ve ever spent time in West Palm Beach or Phoenix? Or gone over a bridge or crossed the railroad tracks in any major city? America has always been a third world nation, right up to not even hearing the news when they say another person shot up an elementary school or a church or a bank or a grocery store or a festival. The difference is that we have have more unhoused people today than any point in human history, which means homeowners with cars and pensions are starting to be affected by the wealth disparities, cuz there’s no where else for “the poor” to go


One could argue that anarchy started there years ago….

I’ve been to America once for 2 weeks. Someone I was with was robbed at gunpoint.

I can’t imagine what it’s like living there.

A sizeable section are living as 3rd world citizens. You live in SF where it is very obvious right?

Never seen homelessness like I saw there.


Actually the US takes in less immigrants per head than dozens of other countries.

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I wonder how they can survive these days at all. Just day to day hand to mouth existence.

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Rewrite anarchy in the UK, make it about culture wars in the usa

Here’s my attempt at rewriting “Anarchy in the UK” by the Sex Pistols to make it about the culture wars in the USA:

Right now in the USA

Many people are in dismay

Culture wars are raging strong

And people’s views just can’t get along

It’s not about the red, white, and blue

But who has the right to speak their view

Left or right, black or white

Everyone’s fighting to be right

'Cause in the culture war’s melee

It’s hard to find a common way

No one’s budging, no one’s sway

It’s chaos in the USA

Are you liberal or conservative?

Are you woke or just conservative?

In this great divide, there’s no surprise

It’s anarchy in the USA

The media’s fighting, politicians too

It’s all about who can sell their view

The truth is lost in the battle’s fray

It’s anarchy in the USA

So don’t look to the stars for guidance

Or to the media for compliance

If you want to make a change

Get involved, don’t stay estranged

'Cause in the culture war’s melee

It’s hard to find a common way

No one’s budging, no one’s sway

It’s chaos in the USA

Are you liberal or conservative?

Are you woke or just conservative?

In this great divide, there’s no surprise

It’s anarchy in the USA.

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Come on chatgpt do better. Tell it to switch it up a bit lol.

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Fyi this is from 2020


Yes. America has been quite third world for a while. US life expectancy is shorter than China. Atrocious.

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Don’t hold your breath.
I think Gina is in there at 3 WHOLE %.

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I’m referring to IIs!

Jim Rogers predicts the coming worst recession in history.

USA has the highest debt on the planet in human history!

No one knows which currency will replace USD. USD replaced the pound sterling after 1920.

Remember when many people thought it would be the yen?

Jim Rogers is a prick.

And the strongest economy the world has ever seen!

And no one is close to doing that now. YOu know China and Russia mostly sell their shit in USD, right?

Uh huh, try jumping ahead to Bretton Woods.

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While some may argue a recession may be good for the USA due to structural issues, it doesn’t mean there will be one.

When the Fed shows they are willing to pull out all stops, when the government basically telegraphs they will bail out all bank depositors, when the money printer can be turned on at a whim, and when numbers can be fudged, the figurative can probably can and will be kicked down the road yet again.

And anytime the stock market has dipped, money on the sidelines pours in to shore it up.