America iz boring AF


Bloody Utah liberals!


Yeah, gave me a case of whiplash, too.


Gives me new respect for the Mormons.


GTFO! You can’t buy Budweiser, but you can buy bud?!


You just made me spit laugh my drink onto the screen.


And bud will make you wiser. :sunglasses:


My friend’s neighbor who lives in Utah is selling their 3 year old house (2 story, 4 bed, 4 bath, 1,928 sq ft + land) for $299,000. My 3 bedroom 2 bath tiny kitchen flat cost me close to $500,000 here in Taiwan. Argh!


The same in Seattle will set you back around a US$ 1,000,000?


Supply and demand?


I’m Vancouver that wou-
I don’t even want to think about it.:cry:


Heating bill?

Looks pretty but I know what those cardboard walls have inside.

You guys like cars. I hate driving. Just thinking that you simply cannot walk to the store to get milk makes my skin crawl. 2 hours commute? Nope.

Oh and to those romantics about lawns, may I remind you lawn maintenance costs? Just pushing the friggin mower down… no way, not me.


You just pay some kids 20 bucks to mow it on the weekend. It’s not professional but it should hold community standards and avoid getting fined from the community.

In Texas the roads are flat and stright with not much traffic. You can see the police from miles away. Not bad.


Don´t remind me of Texas. Last time I was in Houston, I wanted to go to the mall. Map says is just in front of the hotel…little did I know there was a highway between me and shopping bliss…No way to cross it on foot, no pedestrian passes, tunnels or whatever. Cities built for cars, not humans. 25 USd or more taxi fare as exits are put far in between, no way for a car just to go across…


Houston is another story. It’s a mess.

Outside of Dallas where I lived is wonderful. New and nicely built cities. We even have an in and out burger


I do miss having a big backyard, and how much space that gives the dogs to run around and play. I can’t bring myself to get a large breed in Taiwan knowing I’d have to shut it inside my little concrete block, and I’m not the type to get a little dog. So no dog for me. How miserable.

But I’m with Icon here, I don’t much enjoy driving, and I don’t get any pleasure out of owning a nice car. It’s just another thing I have to pay bills for and get maintained and repaired. I’ll only drive if I have to, and in most places in America, you basically always have to. If you don’t have a car it’s like you don’t have legs. It’s a bummer.


I would love a lawn. I’d even push one of those old hand mowers to mow it. Just to sit outside and escape the eh…house.
BBQ a couple of times a year would be worth it. Throw the kids out when they are fighting :).
I’d like to see the wildlife, birds singing. Snow and frost in the Winter .


You enjoy it until it’s 35 C out and the challenge is getting that sucker mowed before you end up with heat exhaustion. My pops almost keeled over many a time before I finally told him to just never do it in the summer ever again. I did it until I left and had someone else take over.

We had the old-fashioned push mower, too, because my father is so anti-sit mower. “Only fatasses get those,” he says. :roll:


Cars are half the price in the US compared to most of the world. Gas is also so cheap. It’s one of the best things about the US.

My mom didn’t like driving either. Until we got her a 550 horse power Mercedes amg lol. It has a seat cooling fan to keep your ass from sweating in the summer. Amazing. One time I caught her reving the engine for fun.


tu gous are not that small and they are suited to the environment here.


And yet, people complain about high gas prices!