America threatening to ban TikTok shows the West's decline

You don’t need sophisticated weaponry or a super organized military structure to be effective at war. We’ve seen this over and over again throughout history.

But what China is trying to project is the type of power that says we can come and Fuck you up. So far their biggest victory seems to be against monks who won’t fight back in Tibet :joy:

It depends, and certainly doesn’t hurt. Easier when defending against foreign occupation, in that case it is easy to be effective. An assault on Taiwan will in fact need a lot of sophisticated weaponry and a super organized military. The defence can be effective with much less.

India. They beat India in a shooting war some decades back and after the invasion of Tibet, more recently they are still daring India to do something as they slowly take over and occasionally ambush Indian patrols

This isnt a covid thing. China has been doing this for centuries, and they still are horrible to their peoole. In fact, if we want to give praise and see china evolve to a more free and human rights oriented direction we can see modern day Taiwan and China. night and day, and yes Taiwan still has huge problems that need fixing. But being allowed to talk about it publicly, openly and frankly in any way we feel like ain’t one of them, for example. China (ccp) was horrible before covid, it was horrid during covid and it still remains horrible today. The "west"has a LOT of work to do to be able to get to chinas level of oppression. Probably the only thing you have said I agree with is that they probably are trying and we shouldnt allow that.

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those weren’t really so.much a show of strength in an invasion though. like say real wars. China has bullied and flooded places like tibet then commited crimes against humanity on them. that is far different than say the vietnam war where they invaded militarily publicly as a war and lost. the tibet thing is just a sad dark spot in history. not just on china, but for all of us allowing it and continuing to support the CCP. feel ashamed.

they also showed their strength against students with tanks. they are showing it now to the more far reaches of the chinese borders. if anything, their strength is not caring and continuous abuse of their people whilst marketing that mistreatment of the human race to abroad for a profit. something the greater world is.more than happy to support.


The urbane youth are using Tiktok challenges to rob people at knifepoint for their car keys, carjack them and drive fast and crash into something while some knob of a friend records the crash.

This happened to my present colleague’s former colleague.

ROCHESTER, N.Y. - Two suspects in a stolen Jeep crashed into a school bus this week in New York with 17 students on board, and a portion of the terrifying events was captured on video.

Police in Rochester said a red Jeep was stolen at knifepoint from a 51-year-old female (TEACHER) who was leaving work on March 15. Officers spotted the stolen vehicle and attempted to make a traffic stop, when the driver reversed into a police car, according to a statement from the Rochester Police Department.

Tiktok IS shouting fire in a crowded movie theater.

I kind of object to people saying China is militarily weak since they haven’t fought any significant foe. Remember, the US hasn’t fought a technologically or organisationally fairly equal enemy since WWII. The closest was Korea, which was basically a tie from the moment China- which was pretty backward itself- stepped in.
After that, what, Vietnam? Iraq? Grenada?

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Yeah, there was never any carjackings in the States before TikTok. Must be the problem- or that rock’n’roll the kids are listening to, or maybe comic books.

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Nah, it’s GTA.

I agree. they arent weak. if anything, we need to realize that they have defeated their perceived enemies with simple social oppression. that is 10x more terrifying than an.oppressive military force. for so many reasons.

At least for me, I never think china is weak. I think they are psychotic and lack both empathy and sympathy. an oppressive control hungry regime with countless bodies/drones as well as tech and cash flow behind them is more terrifying.than anything else. the far too complacent on china. but they look at that shiny object that is an air carrier floating nearby in the same way a crow looks at a tiny peice of trash for its nest. we, the people, are doomed if we dont change our ego and perspective.

I am of course talking of china as a nation. not to sound like trump, but there are good people :confused: doesnt change the reality though, those good people arent the issue.

I never knew tiktok would lead you to have this kind of melt down. There are other venues…you can use stuff like ig or youtube. I hope you make it through this. Let me know if you need emotional support.

Some people are saying one disadvantage the military has is their lack of experience and untested equipment and tactics. Just being around death and bullets flying and bombs going off is something most of their military has never experienced except for the occasional very safe live fire exercises.

Yes, this is another unknown. It has been noted that the US weapons and tactics had shifted towards the wars they were actually fighting, and desert camo with heavy IED armored vehicles obviously won’t help for littoral combat. But the marines are refocusing and this has been written about a lot. Goodbye tanks, hello MANPADs.

Soviet bloc countries also contributed, as did many others. The Chinese military back then had a lot of experience, which it doesn’t have now.

Afghanistan. Yeah, the US hasn’t faced an opponent like modern China ever. Modern China hasnt faced any opponent for several decades. I’m of the opinion that the PRC is not necessarily militarily weak, but also not necessarily militarily strong. There are a lot of unknowns on their side which are more known on the US side.

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Granted probably not many. but I wonder how much death, torture and imprisonment takes into account a nations’ society and military control. I would agree that in the USA families being torn apart by oppressive police/jail systems is quite common. not so unlike china. The death and torture part is probably not on the level though. 2 wrongs dont make a right! they are obviously not the same level of horrendous.

However other countries with less extreme oppression (lets say china and the usa) probably have different societal inputs into the military. I am thinking more canada, UK, france etc. all with capable militaries but without societal mass oppression on the scale of others mentioned. generally speaking of course. I know americans are proud. so are the chinese. but loud voices and bugger guns doesnt make one right. I think everyone agrees on that, even if they are forced to agree silently.

the problem with saying “the west” is that places like canada and usa get lumped together when there are vastly different issues. even most of europe gets lumped in. So USA, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Australia, Croatia, France, Norway and so on are “the west”. This is like comparing Taiwan to china, good luck! though many similarities.

it is hard to be specific in basic online conversation, but we probably need to be. For example. I shit on china, a lot. because as a border, they get lumped together and it’s terrible there. But I bet tibetans would be horrified to be considered chinese in the sense of the CCP.But the CCP are literally nazi level in terms of ethics。. I think we need to be sensitive to these things. I for one am very unhappy with canada. the USA? obviously worse. China? obviously worse again. are there places worse than China? Yes. are there places with actual global power, populations, funding and social will worse than china? I would say a HARD no!

Fault of the British again, car theft capital of the world :+1:

“ It is primarily developed by British development house [Rockstar North](formerly DMA Design)”

So when people agree the USA is fairly shitty, how do you react. I noticed you havent addressed any of my points. too centrist ? you dont need to assume everyone is full on conspiracy theory just because they think the CCP is truly shit. trump is shit. biden is shit. almost correct. ccp is shit to an entirely different level. it is advantageous to understand the difference. Whilst understanding places like the USA are also incredibly shit. but not nearly as shitty as China. objectively trumps subjectivity, if I may be a little sarcastic in this obvious fact.

2 wrongs dont make a right. in this, you are correct. this just in no way excuses the CCP tyranny over the past decades. Frankly millenia, but Taiwan showed the world the “chinese way” can split and evolve. shame the world doesnt recognize that.


Agreed. The US is stronger, better, and more able to deploy, but I think that is more preparedness from training and exercises than from actual combat experience.

I think actual combat experience is better experience than training. Also, actual combat experience can help inform training and exercises

Thinking about the things I do regularly (cooking, riding a motorcycle, teacher training), i can see the value of training and exercises, but there is no replacement for authentic hands on experience in the real world doing the actual thing

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My tik tok icon disappeared from my iPhone I have to hunt for it in search now

I haven’t been to China so I can’t say what it’s truly like living there, and there is a lot of propaganda to work through before finding out what the reality is, but yes, it does seem shitty to me.

That said, I think I would need to live there for a significant amount of time to truly know. For example I was in Vietnam recently and had some preconceptions about it being a communist country and all, but there is way more individual freedom there than in Australia, with the exception of talking about the government in a negative way probably.

My view is we are reaching a point where we are choosing what dictator we want basically. At least in a multi polar world there would be some options to choose what flavor of oppression you want.

Then when it comes to the international stage, there is no comparison on how much of a trash country America is, and by extension all the nation’s that prop up it’s insanity.

It’s a pretty sad fact that North Korea has invaded less countries than Australia has, but this is the reality, and as bad as people claim China will be they have many millions of people to kill, many coups to ochastrate, many NGOs and foreign military bases to instal, many leaders to.assasinate and overthrow, many false flags and war crimes to comitt before they even begin to come close to the international shit show America has created in the world to boost its own interests.

I say let’s give China a go, because it’s hard to imagine anything worse than what we currently have.


Are you suggesting that China should control Australia?

Like, China for buying their debt to prop up the dollar?