Americans are nice

In encounters in Taiwan, south and southeast asia, europe and elsewhere, i have encountered a great deal of anti american sentiment. This comes not at the hands of locals, but other western travelers. Usually, discussions of american politics lead to finger pointing at “you stupid americans” or other such nonsense. I have been told to sew a canadian flag on my backpack while traveling so that i might be treated better and “get more chicks”. That civilised people still have the courage to utter such base remarks astounds me. I encourage my fellow americans to stand proud, be a positive ambassador for other americans, and never submit to generalist claims of america’s failures.

Who would sew a Canadian flag onto their backpack? Jeez, that would be embarrassing, eh? :stuck_out_tongue:

If simply sewing a Canadian flag on my backpack could ensure that I got better treatment on my travels AND get the babes, you can be damn sure that I’d do it.
By the way, where does one purchase a Canadian flag in Taiwan?..

One of the reasons that some Canadians wear the Maple Leaf on our backpacks is because we can. This is unlike many other foreign nationals, other than the Swiss, who also were their flag on their backpacks. Canadians are loved and respected the world over for many reasons.

The last time I met americans who had Canadian flags sewn on their backpack,(Thailand 1988) claiming someone gave it to them for protection, I asked them to take it off. When they told me to f**k off, I smacked the guy in the head and ripped my flag off his backpack. Some protection, eh?

Americans are much dispised, not only by other foreign travelers but by millions and millions of people all over the world. Many feel they are the most arrogant, self rightous and violent people in the world. The most recent election shows that America is not a true democracy and that power and violence overules the voice of the people.

The biggest of Rogue Nations, with the largest military budget, the largest arms manufacturer and exporter in the world, building NMD to start a new global arms race, supporting the violence of Isreal, walking out on the UN Conference on Rascism, ditching the Kyoto Agreement, biggist polluter of the world, and the home of the Marlboro Man and Ronald McDonald, and you wonder why americans get flack?

Hey yankees, feelin’ proud? Feeling smart, tough, rich, superior? Try wearing an American flag on your backpack in Indonesia or the Middle East, or anywhere else in the world for that matter. Go on, I dare ya!

American people probably don’t get too upset about who wears their flag, because few could damage their already lousy reputation. But the Maple Leaf represents the people of Canada, and I’ll be damned to allow this to be sullied by nasty imposters.

Next time you see someone with a Canadian flag on their back, ask where they’re from. If their not Canadian, ask them nicely to remove it. The babes are for true Canadians only! :bluemad:

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Dem’s da rules.

Yeah, that’s right. The next time I see a foreigner wearing one of those “Flying Tigers” leather jackets with the ROC flag on it, I’m gonna make him give it to me(unless he was actually one of the original pilots). Those are cool.

Having lived abraod for almost 20 years I have come to the point were I dont identify myself nationalistically, i.e. “Hey I am an AMerikkkan buddy!!”

To do so is wholly simiplistic AND very dangerous.

“I asked them to take it off. When they told me to f**k off, I smacked the guy in the head and ripped my flag off his backpack.”

“Many feel they are the most arrogant, self rightous and violent people in the world.”

I have just developed a dislike for this hypocritical Canadian.

Whatever happened to: “Canadians? Americans? Who can tell the difference?”

Don’t you just hate it when other people say, especially those Americans, American-immigrants, FOBs and Ameriphiles say: "America is the only place in the world to "make it."Duh?!

Yes, a suggestion to smack. Sorry. Selling F-16s, tanks, bombs and guns is okay, but no suggestion of smacking.

And a couple of typos. That post was written quickly, and sent without editing. Again I’m sorry.

But that does not change the way I feel when people make fun of or insult the Canadian flag. I have been living abroad continually for six years, and believe it or not am not very nationalistic. But I am a Canadian, and will not stand for my flag - and by extension my country - being insulted. Besides, my bevy of beautiful babes urged me to respond.

So, if I am not a Canadian and I sew the Canadian flag on my pack, you feel insulted and are justified in assaulting me?

Hey proud Canadian. Canadians are Americans too, you idiot. It’s the same continent. You wearing a maple leaf on your pack, is just like some US southerner wearing a confederate flag to differentiate himself from yankees. Maybe those Americans wearing Canadian flags want to differentiate themselves from the militant idiots that rule the US. Being as ‘proud’ in your country as you are is plain chauvinistic. Why don’t you do something worthwhile so that yu can be proud in yourself, rather than taking pride in something that wasn’t your achievement at all.


Canadians are not americans - you idiot. We do differentiate ourselves from “the militant idiots that rule the US” south of the border.

I might humbly suggest that I have indeed done much to be proud of, in seven countries including my own. You would probably be surprised. But this is neither the time nor the place.

And yes, wear the Canadian flag as an impostor, in order to benefit from the safety and kindness bestowed upon Canadians - especially if your an american - and you better be lookin’ over your shoulder boy!


I generally agree with your posted opinions, but I have to say that Canadians are not Americans. You’d have to say “North Americans”, only because the word “American” refers to the U.S.A. and not all of the continent. In the same way, you could use “European” to refer to someone from any country on that continent, but you’d have to refer to country of origin if you wanted to be more specific.

I’m Canadian, proud of my country, but not super-nationalistic, either. You can find ultranationalists in any country of the world.

Man - you are one fuc*ed up dude, it is rants like yours that truly deserve to be removed from this forum.

I never knew how much Americans were respected until I came to Taiwan. I never knew how proud I was of western/American culture until I came to Taiwan. I never knew how much I could add to my life through incorporating certain elements of another (ie Chinese/Taiwanese) culture until I came to Taiwan. Americans are lazy and unconcerned when it comes to paying attention to foreign affairs. Maybe we should turn this discussion into men vs women rather than America vs the world. then again, I probably wouldn’t get the ‘babes’ with that kind of unattractive talk.

I never knew that the very people (foreigners in Taiwan such as American and Canadian citizens) who complain the most about being stereotyped are the very ones doing the stereotyping.

“We Americans versus you Canadians”…

No wonder you have so many problems in Taiwan!

Goodness gracious, the babble never ends. I’m an American and proud of it. Though many Americans have become lazy, complacent and ignorant, there are still a lot of great things about the U.S… Whether the rest of the world likes it or not, the U.S. is a leader among nations. It has taken a role, whether Americans like it or not, as peacekeeper and guidance councilor. This is indisputable. What many disagree with is the fact that the United States has so much influence over the global community, while other countries are unable to exert their influence over the U.S…

We all want to have pride in our country. We all desire to have a strong bond with the place we call home. And each of us wishes to see our home be the shining star. But, as is obvious, not every country will have a chance to be that shining star. I don’t know why I was born a citizen of the U.S… If God had so chosen, I could have been born in China, Ukraine, or…anywhere. But, nonetheless, I was born an American. I’m proud of my country, though I’m not always proud of every action it’s government takes. It wouldn’t matter where I’d been born, though, I’d always take pride in my Country to the most extreme of circumstances. I understand that in some places, in the most extremes, the best thing for some people is just to leave. Thankfully, I’ve never had to live under those circumstances.

I’ve been told, from birth, that I was an “American”. Not a “United States-ian”. It’s merely a nickname for what a United States citizen is. “Canadian” works a lot better than “United States-ian”, you’ll have to admit. But it most certainly wouldn’t bother me if anyone from this continent called themselves an American, as I don’t feel a division between I and my Canadian cronies (even though "Proud Canadian feels differently). Nonetheless, I’m sure that “Canadian” invokes just as much pride in it’s citizens as “American” does in US citizens.

I think it’s a shame that some Americans would wear another country’s flag to escape the consequences of some of our country’s actions. I know the U.S. has made mistakes, but my patriotism is such that it allows me to stand tall, and recieve those consequences as a representative of my country. I encourage others to do the same. I think those of us that are mature and responsible citizens have the utmost respect for our neighbors that are trying to be the best that they can be, and create an environment of freedom for it’s citizens. But it is also an expectation that a country in a role such as ours will always be more heavily scrutinized and criticized than most other countries. I feel this is a good thing, however, as this criticism helps us to have an awareness of the impact our policies and actions have on the rest of the world. This doesn’t automatically mean that all criticism should be adhered to, but we most certainly ought to listen and analyze ourselves and the job our government is doing. After all, it is the duty of Americans to vote our representatives in to our offices of government, and we do have a prominent voice.

The incompetence of some of our recent leaders is still more than compensated for by the greatness of the document that founded our government. Though things have changed, for better or for worse (though, sadly, much for worse), the timelessness of the document and the “patriotism” of America holds the country together as strongly as Chinese nationalism holds this country (Taiwan)together.

In conclusion, The United States, alas, is not perfect. But no country is.

Canada is part of America (which includes North America and South America). of course I know when people usually say America they mean the US. I was just taking this piss because that guy is ridiculously nationalisitic, and basically I don’t think there’s much difference between Canadians and Americans anyway. I mean there’s such a huge range of differences between people within the USA, that it makes the differences between Canadians and Americans seem like nothing.

My main point is that that kind of ‘pride’ in your country is ridiculous. You’ve got nothing to be proud of. Did you pass some test to become Canadian? Did you personally forge a nation out of the desolate wastelands?

Your kind of nationalism - the kind that has you assaulting Americans - is pathetic. It’s the sort of thing that leads to fascism, intolerance and warfare.