Americans discover blackest black … 398042.htm

you can’t deny that is like, black hole black. black as night, black as coal black.

i’m surprised the chinese would even allow this to be published in their press.

As a photographer, that is really, really cool. Imagine a black backdrop made of that stuff… wow. I’d bet dollars to donuts the military will be all over this in no time (wouldn’t be surprised if they’d funded it) like they were with flamethrowers…

Uh…what exactly is the issue with this article. Sounds pretty interesting to me.

Boy, I’d hate to be the guy whose job it is to glue all those little nanotubes together.

Aw, I’m sure there’s a hell of a contact buzz that would at least make it slightly worth it. :rainbow:

“It’s like, how much more black could this be? and the answer is none. None more black”

pretty interesting? it’s @R$!$ing amazing. the only issue is with anyone who, faced with this incontrovertible evidence, would yet care to deny american technical and moral superiority. word!

All interesting but a little late, my black dog absorbs more light than anything, 100%

Black dog at night in a dark landscape …

that’s alright,you Americans can play all you want with Nanotech,whilst we Europeans get the edge on stem cell tech and all that entails

or all that entrails.

I’m blacker than that

Yeah? Well our nanotech bomb bots will take out all your stem cell zombie soldiers in no time! So there! Then you’ll have zombie soup flowing through the streets of London and Paris! :stuck_out_tongue:

exactly. possibility of making some kind of crazy-ass bomb or jet plane from nanotech–pretty good–doing anything past the zombie army–which is a pretty cool idea–with stem cells–not looking so hot–you know where the american money is going lol

Making terrible decisions and inconveniencing/destroying the rest of the world… s’what we’re best at! Some scientist invents the fluffiest material in the universe (99.9% fluffy) and the Army comes in: “Hi, hello, uh, we saw that you’ve created the uber-fluff… can you find a way to make it kill people? We’ll order 80,000 units, and please paint them dark brown.” :wink:

Now the US Army will recruit more ‘African’-Americans and put them in ‘nano’-black gear … this way they can sneak up unseen to the enemy …
Good way to lower unemployment amongst this group … it’s all about lowering the military budget, they don’t need expensive robots, hi-tech camouflage gear … just a layer of nano-black …

Reminds me of the song by CB4: I’m black, y’all, I’m blackety black.

We could have the spec ops team called Midnight.

I wish I had that black… hope its blacker than this

Thats my guitar but I am painting some chameleon crystals over this so it won’t be so black it will be copper-green…

like this…

That’s a helluvan axe you have there, man. why does it make me think of Kermit? (only from some angles of course).

I wish it was mines, no my guitar (on the top picture) will be that color…

the bottom pictures are just examples.