An electric beard trimmer

I’m looking for a beard trimmer as mine I brought with me from the States died last week and I’m getting quite scruffy. I haven’t had much luck locating one here in Hsinchu. I’ve been to Jusco, RT Mart, Watson’s, and Sogo. I’m planning on checking out Geant tonight.

I’m headed up to Taipei on Saturday and I was planning on checking out the suggestions mentioned in this thread but I was looking for any other’s I could find, since that thread is more than a couple years old.

If anyone has any ideas on where I can secure a trimmer, I’d be happy to hear it!


Tankoen (SP?) the big yellow store sells a Phillips beard trimmer for a whopping 2,700 nt.
Or you could try Carrefour. That is where I bought my hair clippers for a meagre 600 nt.

Good luck beardy! :smiley:

Yikes! For that price I’ll just have someone buy one for me in the US (they’re only about US$25) and have them ship it.

Or you could try Carrefour. That is where I bouth my hair clippers for a meagre 600 nt. [/quote]

I’ll keep that in mind. There’s a Carrefour in Jhubei so maybe I could try that tonight as well. Hair clippers would be a last resort, as the blade is too wide and there aren’t enough length settinigs.

Good luck beardy! :smiley:[/quote]

Heh… thanks and thanks for the suggestions!

Mine died a few months ago, I looked, I brought one back from Canada after Chinese New Year.

However, I think I saw a few last week at the large Sogo complex (Taipei City Hall MRT). There were electric shavers, and some, I think, came with workable attachments. Sorry, I’m no longer looking and I’m not sure. I just remember thinking, “Damn, that’s where they are.” If you find a selection, the Conair Cobra is very good.

[quote=“PotatoPeeler”]Yikes! For that price I’ll just have someone buy one for me in the US (they’re only about US$25) and have them ship it.

I buy one every few years on eBay and pay to ship it here.

Just search eBay; there are many sellers, at least a third of which are willing to ship to Taiwan, often with shipping prices inversely proportional to the product price.

Well, I found one in at a department store in Tianmu on Saturday. It had all the features I wanted… buuuuuut, it would have set me back $8000. So I had my parents buy one in the States for US$30 and ship it for US$15. With any luck, it wil be here early next week. Thanks for the help, though!

Ok, so my husband is in Taipei right now and I had to go to FedEx this afternoon to send him the charger for his beard trimmer. He has a lot of meetings and apparently his goatee is spiraling out of control.

He asked a bunch of Taiwanese where he could get a beard trimmer and everyone looked at him like he had a third eye. I suggested going to some kind of high end salon and maybe they could hook him up. He seemed stunned at the suggestion.

We are moving to Taipei in January and we will make sure the beard trimmer and charger are packed and carefully guarded. However, the most pressing question of the day remains: do beard trimmers exist in Taipei?

All you bearded men and women please weigh in.

I bought my beard trimmer at a pet shop! Works on the dog and it works just fine on me.

Tell him to try Sogo Dept Store. I am pretty sure they have them, but at the very least some of the electric shavers have a pop out beard trimmer.

Dragonbones has a beard, which I might add is always neatly trimmed. He’s the moderator here, so I am sure he’ll contribute soon. :slight_smile:

and catweasel… errr, I mean Sandman

I use a trimmer picked up back home. You don’t see many hirsute men in (or women) in Taiwan, and the few decent trimmers I’ve seen come priced as a specialty product.

I bought one a few days ago in a small store that sold lots of hair-care stuff. I live in a smallish city, so if they have them here, they should be easy to find in Taipei. Expensive though.

Mine is also a pet one. Works fine for my entire head, thank you very much. Cost 1000NT$.

I got my trimmer at Cost Co quite a while back. I’ve not used it in 3/4 of a year though, and my friends are calling me a ‘bushman’. I’m enjoying having a large scary full beard.

I’m as hairy and bearded as they come, and the advice about the dog trimmer is no joke.
There was a thread on hair clippers a while ago, see if you can search it.
Snadman, Tom Hill, and I, as well as others, have gone this route, if memory serves.
It’s super way cheaper than a (good luck finding one anyways) dedicated beard trimmer, and infinitely more robust (hint: keep it oiled).
Unlike home, I think one might have difficulty getting a proper beard trim with your haircut.
Everytime I’ve ever asked about when getting a cut, the operator raised both hands in protest and refused, out of fear of fucking it up.
Old school barbers might be different, I don’t know.

I bought a cordless (rechargeable) Norelco Acu-control T760 on eBay and had it shipped here. (The one before that was a gift from my parents, also shipped here.) I should note that I do recommend this model; it has a very long battery life compared to my previous one.

EDIT: Mar. 2009. The Norelco has died; it no longer charges. The batteries do eventually wear out and fail to hold a charge. Unfortunately they are not designed to be replaced, acc. to Norelco’s service center, which says it is “not cost effective”. That seems very wasteful to me. [color=#0000FF]Ok, it lasted about 2.5 years, maybe 3.5 max, [/color]I don’t recall. I think I’ll just get a corded model. What I liked about the Norelco was that you could simply twist its neck, and the “comb”, which is the slotted guide covering the head and controlling the beard length after the cut, would then move in NINE different ratcheted increments in 2mm increments (about 2 mm to 18 mm) to adjust the cutting height. That gives nice control. You don’t have to guess in advance what comb length you want and then purchase individual combs for US$2 each, as with some pro models, or to be limited by a set of only 3 or 5 comb lengths, as with models that come with a set of snap-on combs. Also, the battery used to last me a long time, perhaps weeks, on a single charge. This dwindled over time, however, and a month ago a charge lasted only one trim. Just some feedback on that particular model for you.

I use a comb and scissors.

Available everywhere and doesn’t need batteries.

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
Oh man! You know what the girls do in “high-end barber shops” here, right? Suffice it to say they DON’T cut your hair. The hooking up part sounds about right, though. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
No wonder he seemed stunned!

My, my we all have very strong feelings about our beards, dont’ we? I’m getting him one of those doggy trimmers. Woof! Woof!

I read the thread to my husband and he took the opportunity to keep saying, “I told you so.” OK, yes, I gave him a hard time about having to go to FedEx to send the thing and I think I called him a “girl” or, um, something along those lines.

Uh, no, I didn’t know that “high end shop” didn’t automatically mean a great manicure, pedicure and a little aromatherapy. I thought I heard the scratch of a pen on paper when I read him that part. He seemed to be taking notes. Know what…let me get his ass back on the phone :fume:

I brought one with me from the states, but it’s about two years old and I bought it for US$7. It’s dead. It’ll still cut my beard, but when I try to cut my hair, it just gets bogged down and ends up shredding my hair.

My girlfriend and I went looking several places (near GuTing and GongGuan), none of which had anything. One place had one, but it only had two guards. I want at least four or five guards at different lengths.

Anyone know where I could find one? Someone mentioned Carrefour, but I haven’t tried there yet.