An Obamagate master thread

One thread to rule them all. FISA, Flynn, FBI, and all that. Everyone’s a conspiracy theorist, but not all conspiracy theories gain credence as facts accumulate. This one does…

Russiagate dies a painful, lingering death while Obamagate rises. Look upon his works and despair.

In the world of technology, legacy is a dirty word. Just saying.

Questions are being asked at last.

You forgot to add Pizzagate, Spygate and George Soros. What better way to cover up your own failures than a manufactured scandal?

25% unemployment…nobody cares.

“And that is really the crux of it. At its essence, Obamagate is an extraordinary example of leadership by distraction. Rather than address issues head on, leadership by distraction cynically uses the tools of diversion and division try to change the focus of the American people. By creating inflammatory and fictitious narratives, leadership by distraction searches for election issues when there are none. It uses clickbait slogans to mask complex challenges. And most of all it belies the concepts of leadership altogether – leadership by distraction is the antithesis of leadership.”

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Still complaining fours year later about an African American man who’s not mediocre and had to work for his wealth?

Talk about being a Bitter Bob.


Some threads you just know are started by @rowland before you even click them. :smirk:




It’s been four years. Obama has been long gone.

Let’s not get infected with Obama Derangement Syndrome (ODS) now :rofl:


It’s a shakedown. Peripheral shenanigans with contemporary implications are going to be shaken out.

Yes, but the problems surfaced in this investigation are still present. I don’t want the government able to use its power against US citizens like it did under Obama (and to a lesser extent Bush). This should be something we all can get on board with because only by stripping the government of this power and shedding light on the abuse can we prevent further abuses…and sooner or later there will be a government with which you disagree in power.

ODS, like TDS, is real. Trump clearly has ODS, as did many in the Tea Party. I don’t think Obamagate is a symptom of that, though.

Casually implying racism isn’t really fair.

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How should it be implied? Formally? With great candor? What’s the right way then tell us.

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Who would that be? We’re talking about Obama.

The point is he’s not gone. Try to keep up.

Yeah. He is. He’s been enjoying retirement. And please don’t insult my intelligence by speaking condescendingly towards me. Thank you.

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You get what you court. He’s NOT retired from politics and we all know it.

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Or maybe he is retired from politics and everyone else knows that. Some people just choose not to see.

Yeah, well maybe Bush is retired from politics too, didn’t stop him weighing in on who he is going to vote for. Seems kind of political.

On the other hand if Bush, Clinton and Obama are all aligned against Trump, some will take that as a wonderful indication he is not compromised.

If you believe Obama is retired from politics, then I have a nice shore-to-shore structure spanning the East river in NYC that is most definitely for sale.


Being retired from politics doesn’t mean you can’t have a political opinion, otherwise then we all become politicians once we make a political statement.

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