Analysis: Taiwan's future depends on Taiwanese will


Well it’s from been a decades for him, and I think it depends on your position. My dad was on one of those island near China so they trained more I think.


Truth is its far more difficult to take the island, then most of you seem to realize. It’s much eassier to defend it.


Well, we won’t know for sure until it actually happens.




Why would they return? Richmond is a better Taiwan!!!


In MANY ways it really is


I really wonder what percentage of males actually attend the military service requirement. Among our friends almost none of their sons have done military service. Somehow they get some “special” exemptions. Of course, some exemptions are health related but seem extremely easy to obtain. One friend’s sons received medical exemptions for ailments which suddenly appeared two months before military service…but somehow managed to do their twice annual snow skiing trip in Japan at the same time they would have been doing their military service.

My point is the percentage of males who know how to operate a gun (or have forgotten) may be low…and a good portion of them may be abroad.


Sadly, I agree. I have a large extended family in Taiwan.
Not one of them, over a wide range of age and education, would resist.
Primary concern is a full rice bowl.


Military service in Taiwan is nonsense.
Citizens of Switzerland and Israel, tiny nations surrounded by much larger nations, are prepared to defend their countries. Taiwan has one enemy. No one, or only a miniscule percent of the population, has any knowledge of guns or armed defense. With a powerful enemy as PRC, it is impossible to understand why everyone is sleeping.


…Probably because a large % of the population aren’t up for a real fight.


Agreex, it’s impossible to assemble an invasion force without being spotted far in advance.

On the other hand Taiwan can be smashed to smithereens with relatively little trouble.


Any armed services who has not experienced real warfare is at a disadvantage. While China has not had recent clashes they have had various major conflicts (e.g. India, Russia, U.S.) and have so many other advantages.

I do not remember what year but remember when a Chinese pilot flew his fighter jet to Taiwan (20 years ago?). The Taiwan air force held a press conference and admitted they only noticed the jet as he was preparing to land in Taiwan.


No PLA can occupy the island of Taiwan as long as I’m defending it. This is a fact.


People with access to guns have talked that way to me. Where I come from, it’s called blowing off steam. Then everyone calms down and we get on with life.

You actually get scared over mere talk? Seriously. The really dangerous ones don’t go warning you. If they’re actually going to shoot you, then they’re going to actually shoot you.


A large percentage isn’t needed. A fraction of a percent will do the job just fine.


The difference is that Israel is surrounded by maniacs. The ChiComs aren’t maniacs; they’re just assholes. They can be deterred. Shoot enough of them and the rest will leave.