Android Pie 9.0


I did, but it loses one features that I use a lot. When you want to switch back to the app you have most recently used, you can double tap the “Recents” button for a immediate switch.
It can’t be done with full screen gestures (or it may be that I didn’t figured out how to do it).


Correcting the info I mentioned above (about the full screen gestures):

Whether on the home screen or in another app, a quick swipe right on the home button will let you access the previous app. Continue to swipe right to flip back and forth between both apps.


Perhaps you can try this:
When on the carousel gallery of recent apps appear showing recently-opened apps, you can drag the home button all the way to the right enables a slider that automatically starts scrolling slowly through the apps. Once the desired app is in the center, release the button to open it.


Thanks, I noticed that also works when no buttons and only the gesture setting.


You make my day! I did not know this.


Then you’ll like this one:
From home button:

  • Flick right: Switch to last used app
  • Swipe right: Browse recently opened apps


:grinning: I read a lot of “what’s new” and never saw any of this. Thanks.


This carousel is driving me crazy. There is no one snapshot of open apps. I jump around a lot and very frustrating.


I don’t get it. What do you mean?


Now this horizontal carousel where can only see 3 open apps. Could see most open apps before Pie. It was a vertical carousel with easy viewing of most open apps.


Oh, I see.
Easiest solution is to install a third party launcher. There are since good ones in the market, it’s worthy to check it out.
You can also try to root your phone, and change any setting you’d like.
Details for both can be found here:


Ya been looking.

My thumb hurts from swiping left and right.


I’ve been using Nova launcher for years. One of the few apps I’ve actually paid for the premium version. Very smooth and user friendly with lots of customization. :2cents:


Tried free version long ago maybe I’ll give it a new look.


What are its best features?


Since I’m on the S7 and can’t get Pie 9.0, night mode is the best feature. lol

Before Android adopted some of the features, Nova had them first. I like the customizable gestures. You can adjust the speed of the transitions/animations to give it an overall faster feel. Stock Nova is faster than Android, but you can make them even faster. Can even change the transition animations to your liking.

Honestly, I’ve used it for so long that some of the features are probably available on the vanilla Android now. Such as, customized icons, themes, etc.

However, you can change the layout much more but setting the size of the icons, desktop grid (number of icons per row/column), folders in the app drawer, scroll effects. You can change the app drawer style between vertical (continuous scrolling up/down), horizontal (page left/right), and list (not sure, haven’t tried this on).

Another nice feature is being able to hide icons/apps which are not uninstallable.


Works great for me. Only annoying thing is widgets won’t update


You mean like a weather widget updating with current info or something?


Yeah, clock widgets, etc.


Nova not updated in almost a year and definitely not since Pie.