- animal welfare/pet care site for Taiwan

Here is a website dedicated to help stop the suffering and cruelty to animals in Taiwan. The site is in its infancy, but aims to be a comprehenive and valuable resource of information for animal welfare/petcare matters in Taiwan.

Please feel free to contribute or join us in our efforts. And don’t forget about our first fundraiser on March 10 — it looks set to be a really fun night.

Here’s the link to the site:


You’re doing an amazing job on the Web site. :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy:

Hats off to you for this. :bravo: :bravo: :bravo:

I am trying to get a cheap computer so I can start helping out. Anyone who would like to contribute material for this great and much-needed Web site should PM Eric ASAP.

Cheers, Eric!

Stray Dog

Hi Eric,

The website looks better each time I check it. I can’t wait to get together and work on more info, links, pictures, and stories.

Thank you very much for doing this for Taiwan strays! :notworthy:

Great looking site, keep it up!
I know that it’s mainly for dogs/cats but do you have any info on unwanted reptiles? I’d love to pick up any unwanted snakes/lizards.

Thanks 914 and Josefus…all humans, strays and human strays can join the cause, share ideas or help shape that site. Personally, snakes give me the creeps :slight_smile:

Well if any show up you just pass 'em on to me.
Snakes need love too!

Hi Josefus, I totally agree with you. From those programs on Discovery/Animal Planet I can understand and appreciate how people are fascinated or fond of reptiles/insects, etc. The stuff they get on camera is amazing. All creatures are fascinating really.

Eric had to concentrate on his real job for a while, so the Web site has been neglected for a little while, but we now have a great Web designer donating their skills to AnimalsTaiwan, so expect to see some improvements and expansions over the coming weeks.

Therefore, I have two questions for you luverly people:

  1. What would you like to see on our Web site?

  2. What would you like to write for our Web site? :wink:

Please let us know. We are here to serve!


Hi Stray Dog

I think it would be great if the website can have a list of vets. I know there is one on Forumosa but I think it will be more easily accessible if it is on website. It would be great if the hospitals can be categorized in terms of cities and counties, and/or if they specialize in anything specific (I guess a short description e.g. exotic birds, reptiles etc.) It would also be useful to know if someone at the vet can speak English. Also make emergency numbers available.

What do ya think?

I think it would be neat to keep a photo album of all the rescued dogs, maybe a before and after thing. You can show one of what they looked like when they were rescued and get their new owners to send you one of them after they arrive at their new home.

The 1st page use to look really good. WHAT HAPPENED? :astonished:

Would be cool if you had directions, costs, phone numbers about how to bring dogs back to other countries. :notworthy:

We just hired a new webmaster. Changes will be taking place shortly.

We will definitely have a section on taking animals into Taiwan. We will have links to governmental sites on bringing animals to other countries.

Check back soon!

Having a crappy job can sometimes have its advantages. I managed to get you guys a small plug today.

Kaohsiung, July 20 (CNA) Three abused dogs are scheduled to head
to the United States Thursday for settlement in new homes under a
stray dog adoption program, sources from the Kaohsiung Save Dogs
Squad said Wednesday.

The trio,  which were rescued  and treated  by volunteers  at the

Kaohsiung Save Dogs Squad for several months, have been adopted by
dog lovers in the United States, also through the efforts of the
squad’s volunteers.

Teng Ya-chi,  a squad volunteer who will escort the three dogs to

the United States, sent the dogs to the Kaohsiung office of the
Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine under the
Council of Agriculture for final quarantine examination Wednesday and
obtained health certificates for all three dogs.

All three of the dogs -- Tian Tian, Xi Xi and Mao Mao -- have sad

histories. Tian Tian was a stray living on scraps from a Taoist
temple. It was saved by the squad after phone calls to the
organization saying that a stray had been beaten almost to death by
temple personnel with bricks.

Xi Xi was rescued  by the squad from a lumber  factory  suffering

knife cuts so deep that its bones could be seen.

Mao Mao was a stray  from the inner city of Kaohsiung  struggling

in the city’s bustling traffic. Seriously starved, the dog was
dehydrated almost to the point of death when squad vets first treated

According to Ni Chao-cheng,  a captain with the squad, few people

in Taiwan are willing to adopt stray dogs. Strays, most of which are
abandoned pets, invariably suffer the same fate – slowly starving to
death on the streets or captured and killed by the authorities.

Having failed to find new owners  for the homeless  animals,  the

Kaohsiung Save Dags Squad began two years ago to contact dog lovers
overseas, seeking adoptive owners. So far, Ni said, the organization
has found new owners abroad for about 30 stray dogs from Taiwan.

The Kaohsiung  Save Dogs  Squad,  which  runs the first  and only

bilingual animal protection Web site in Chinese and English in
Taiwan, can be reached at

[b]In Taipei,  meanwhile,  similar  work is being  carried  out by a

relatively new and dedicated volunteer group that can be reached at[/b]

As I said, small, but better than a poke in the eye with a shitty stick. Check out the savedogs site, too. They sound like good folks.

What a fantastic organization! I think we’ll have to pay them a visit. :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting that, Sandman, and for the plug. Their Web site has given me lots of ideas and something to compare ours to as we build it. :bravo:

Thank you Sandman for the nice add-on about AnimalsTaiwan. It’s really nice to know about other people with ideas similar to ours who are doing something about it.

Can you list the stores that are selling your line of dog treats? I saw them at Nitti’s–any other places?

Also here

CitySky Cafe
南京店 / Nan Jing Store
TEL: (02) 2516-0960
No. 139, Sec. 2, Nanjing E. Rd., Taipei
Store Hours: Monday - Friday 11:30 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.

Great lunches there, too, at very reasonable prices! :bravo:

When is the Chinese version of the site going to be up? I know of quite a few Taiwanese animal lovers, but they don’t understand English. :s

Also, any positive moves by the relevant government agencies in regards to animal rights (particularly the humane treatment of strays as well as the “breeding farms”) recently?

Sorry for delaying it for so long; I finally found a local who can help us set up the Chinese version website today, and also have got three or more local volunteers to help translating; I believe that soon the website will be up.