Another cannabis arrest!

“Taiwanese-American man arrested for growing weed”

“Taipei police on Wednesday arrested a Taiwanese-American man after finding cannabis products and marijuana plants at his residence.”

Police said they uncovered a “cannabis-producing factory” at Chi’s residence, but only reported finding one potted marijuana plant, one 4g pouch of dried cannabis leaves and a “set” of tools for plant cultivation: lamps, a water sprinkler, an electric fan, a temperature and humidity monitor, and a tent to cover the plant."




“The Taipei Criminal Investigation Division in April received a tip-off about an overseas Taiwanese returnee growing marijuana in his home.”

Angry neighbors?


I’m surprised they didn’t throw in some crazy number for what it’s worth.
“1million NT of cannabis that was a safety to the public was seized”

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Or the tried and true replacement of grams with kilograms :roll:

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Good to see you’re pro-cannabis. :sunglasses:

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These knuckleheads know it’s highly illegal here, but they always think they’ll be the mastermind that gets away with it. This isn’t the states or Canada. If you can’t live without weed, don’t come to Taiwan. Simple as that.


He’s from Taiwan, Forrest.


If I may rebut, Bubba…

Taiwanese-American indicates he has an American passport. If he’s so into the ganj, maybe he can go live in the states where it’s mostly decriminalized, instead of making ruinous life choices. He’s fucked now.

I’m not anti-weed. I am anti-stupidity.


Transcript obtained from Taiwan news

(Soft knocks at the door)
Chi Yu-han: Who is it?
Taiwan Police: It’s me, the Taipei police. Open up, man, I got a warrant.
(More knocks)
Chi Yu-han: Who is it?
Taiwan Police: It’s me, the Taipei police, man. Open up, I got a warrant.
Chi Yu-han: Who?
Taiwan Police: It’s, the Taipei police, man. Open up, I think saw your supplier come in here.
(More knocks)
Chi Yu-han: Who is it?
Taiwan Police: It’s, the Taipei police, man. Will you open up, I got the warrant with me.
Chi Yu-han: Who?
Taiwan Police: Taipei police, man. Open up.
Chi Yu-han: Taipei police?
Taiwan Police: Yeah, Taipei police. C’mon, man, open up.
Chi Yu-han: Taipei police are not here, man.
Taiwan Police: No, man, I’m The Taipei policemen, man.
(Sharp knocks at the door)
Taiwan Police: Hey, c’mon, man.



Did you even read the article, @Rocket?

Chi was likely influenced by decades of living in the US, where several states have legalized marijuana use, they said.

Media have reported that Chi likely has dual citizenship, as he was born in Taiwan and immigrated to the US in his early teens, where he lived for 20 years.

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Maybe he just wanted to spread the cannabis gospel to his unenlightened Taiwanese brethren, and was just a little before his time.

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Chi moved back to Taiwan when he was 35 and fulfilled his military service with the Republic of China Marine Corps at a base in Pingtung County.
Media reports at the time had praised Chi’s patriotism, loyalty and commitment to his obligation as a citizen.

Obviously not one of the “knuckleheads” you referenced.

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He grew weed and thought he could get away with it. He got arrested. His name and picture plastered all over the news. Who knows what misery and trumped-up charges await him…

How is that not being a knucklehead?

What if you just really want some a lot


If you want it a lot, fly to Amsterdam, fly to the US, fly to Canada, fly anywhere but East Asia.

Yeah, OK, sure, you got it sport, whatevs…

I guess that’s you conceding you have no actual point. Good enough.