Another celebrity caught with marijuana - Why is this still news?

Routine traffic stop found a marijuana vape pen in the car of the husband of 陳艾琳 a celebrity from the show 大學生了沒

Have attitudes changed at all? I don’t understand why this is still considered so scandalous when the rest of the world has moved on. Or maybe public opinion is changing.


Blimey! He’s punching well above his weight.


It’s hard to change the minds of older people if they’ve been told you’re going to die and all sorts of nonsense for ages. Even medical doctors in Taiwan refuse to accept new studies of medical uses.

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A lot of doctors support medical use of marijuana. I even know some that do marijuana overseas.

Attempts to create a moral panic around weed are so laughable. It’s like it was still the 1930s or something.

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Asians are in general more conservative, like stuck in the 1920s when it comes to drugs. Anytime a celebrity gets caught with pot in China it’s a huge deal too. I heard Thailand allowed medical marijuana and I was surprised.

Try getting caught with pot in Singapore.

That’s a hard no. Not into S&M…

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It’s only M if you get caught.


Many young people will absolute freak out if you speak of recreational weed use back in the West. Many believe it will kill you or it is as bad as cocaine or other hard drugs.

yea unless you talk about it to the more blue collar type Taiwanese. They know better but aren’t exactly model citizens either.

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I guess they already chew betel nut and drink Gaoliang. a bit of weed isn’t going to harm them

White collar Taiwanese are mostly robots. Trying to talk to them is like talking to a wall.


It took me a few seconds to figure this out, lol.


Time to put that bong down, man…


Have talked to quite a few white collar TW girls here - my anecdotal experience: if they have traveled abroad they have usually also tried weed somewhere. At least once.


If only if they realized many of the social issues involve alcohol like domestic violence in Taiwan. Or that a huge chunk of the healthcare cost comes from health issues from tobacco use.

I don’t believe in prohibition, but if I did, those two are the most logical to ban.

I think the reason why Asia is so strict on drugs is because of the opium war. So there was an understanding that anyone trafficking opium into the country should face execution because of the amount of damage opium did to China.

But when US politicians started saying how bad weed was they took it to mean weed is as bad as opium, hence the big deal.

He had i vape pen, death sentence kill him…

Its hard coming from a place where tw people highly tout and respect, but they sell weed at a corner store that the government owns.
Oh i partake and have been demonized here
Its like i danced with the devil… prude asses

Seattle is know for airplanes, costco, stabucks, microsoft , amazon in no special order but what miss is freedom to choose a drug that Is better for me than alcohol.
I hate alcohol
Love me some :leafy_green:

Well most people who have basic medical training here is pro weed imo. Most young people I know is pro weed. Those are usually from better college. I think basically I don’t know any young person who’s against it.

“Routine Traffic Stop”

I’m more curious about how it was discovered. When did traffic stops turn into drug searches in Taiwan?

Remember the basketball player busted in a taxi at another routine traffic stop.

Has there been a change in police powers in Taiwan? In the past being stopped meant showing ID, or proving you’re not drunk or the fugitive that they’re looking for.

It just seems odd.

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