Another fine loose cannon! French man burning down 15 police scooters


I actually met that dude few years ago and still got his facebook!!!

He is French and has like 3 kids and a tw wife.

He was quite “special” and we all knew he was going to end-up on Apple Daily front page!

But yes as he said on the video: “我是好人,我是好人” :roflmao:

Sharing the fun:

The first rule of project mayhem is you do not ask questions.

I wonder how much jail’time and money he will have to pay!

Seems like a serious crime.

Taiwanese don’t understand French culture.

He doesn’t either. What a moron.
He can’t even get the basics
In France it is CARS they burn and it’s on New Year’s Eve !!

Ze Epique fail

je t’aime

Or is that the joke already?

Fuzz scoots are ridiculous anyway, but the dude is not more then two sandwhiches away from a picnic.

So was there some kind of a motive?

Apparently he was involved in a losing court case with cops from that precinct.

He was sentenced to 5 months for stealing scooters last year. He lost his appeal last week.
He spent almost a year trying to convince everyone that he was a good guy, a victim and that the cops set-him up… So when the cops did produce a CCTV film of him stealing, he was taken by surprise LOL!!!

Anyway, he decided to get himself a little revenge and burnt down some police’s scooters!

I’m not sure if I’m allowed to post a link to his FB account (he got some public pics and comments), but he posted some threatening letters and videos of “cops” damaging his scooters… All, obviously, created by him, so he can picture himself as a victim of police racism!!

I should know his appeal was coming because he re-posted it on his FB recently!!!

Anyway, he has a fantastic and supportive wife with 3 very young children…
Might be a good time for her to move on and have a more “sane” life…

Let’s hope things pan out and the insanity gets under control for the sake of him and his family.

Maybe he needs an extended vacance back on France or maybe Elba.

Can somebody tell me more about the part where it says he came all the way from Hualien to do this deed? That part has me confused.

LOL…it’s what one may talk about in anger or frustration whilst venting in the pub…but to actually DO it :loco:

Well, he was in Hualian when he was arrested; I think he lives there. So that’s the presumption I guess though maybe he had some other reason for being here.

They were living in zhongli and decided to sell their apartment and move on to Hualien, hoping the change of air to be beneficial.

I really wonder if he can lose his family resident visa and be sent back to France after finishing his jail sentence?

I heard he went begging on TV for forgiveness with his family, feel really sorry for the wife and kids.
He has to do jail time for this.

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At least, TV reporters are having lots of fun:

It was hard to understand what he was saying. I thought he was still speaking French, but it was actually broken Mandarin with a heavy French accent. Besides repeatedly declaring that he’s a good guy, all I could make out is that petrol/gas was leaking from the police scooters, and that someone threw a lit cigarette and that started the fire.

Some of the locals commented on this using their facebook accounts. Those posts were funny. Their ire was not directed toward the french guy, they however had some rather sour comments regarding the difference between the policework done when they wanted to find the franch guy and the police 'work" they are at the receiving end of, when they report something stolen. Hilarious.

At least he has style. If you are going to jail for being a dumbass at least do it in a way that others can find humorous.