Anthony Bourdain dead at 61

Maybe this should be merged with the infidelity and Italians thread.

I knew a brilliant person who struggled for years with inner demons but I think it was infidelity that was the catalyst for ending their own life.

That’s possible. Fuck her and that Hugo guy then (if it’s true).

The “Putin hired people to assassinate him” theory on the other hand is a bit too far-fetched for me. Even if that were to happen, I don’t think the French police would cover it up on their behalf.

This made me smile whether intentional or not. :smiley:

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It’s no different to saying one enjoyed Bourdain’s TV programs or books.

Still smiley, though.

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A tribute from Anderson Cooper:



Wow are you guys conspiracy theorists.

You/I/we all have 6 degrees of separation from anything that has to do with Putin!!!

The second one is a conspiracy theory.

The first one isn’t. Plenty of people kill themselves over unfaithful lovers. Clearly she was being unfaithful (hugging, holding hands, kissing) if you look at the pics from the Daily Mail article.

“He was my love, my rock, my protector.”

If she’s got any sense she’ll stay off social media for a while. Her feeds must be pretty shocking.

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I’m glad Bourdain got his own thread. He deserved one.

Travelling 250 days a year married really to his passion of food…and life as a celebrity chef…life becomes lonely.

In the end you find it hard to accept your choice of lifestyle as it begins to lose its meaning and you lose your connection to your ex wife, your girlfriend , and even your daughter.

And one day you lose your passion for what you are doing with your life and you feel you are alone and there isn’t any reason or anyone to live for not even yourself.

Rest In Peace. Too bad you didn’t cut the travel in half and spend the time with loved ones.

I find it pretty telling about today’s society that after a man committed suicide one of the first reactions from people is that his gf had been cheating on him.

I don’t think she was cheating as such. Allegedly the parameters of their relationship were quite loose. Whether that’s true or not, who knows.

I would like to pull you up over “committed suicide”.

So if a woman committed suicide, the fact that her boyfriend was cheating on her wouldn’t be relevant?


Yeah, where could I have possibly gotten that idea? :roll_eyes:


Careful. Your agenda is showing.

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Doubtful. That sounds like some cleaning up by her friends after the fact.

**[quote=“DrewCutz, post:55, topic:170089, full:true”]

Doubtful. That sounds like some cleaning up by her friends after the fact.
I’m not so sure. It is a strong possibility that they had an open relationship. Of course, it’s a big coincidence that he topped himself 4 days after seeing the pics online.

What I heard is that he was in a “very dark place” after those pics were released, and also he was so in love with her that people were worried what would happen if she dumped him or cheated. Also I don’t know any guy in their 60s that’d want to share with a strapping lad in their 20s. Not saying impossible. Just doubtful.

Well, regardless of their relationship boundaries it would have been a big hit to a depressive.

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People do tend to look for reasons that someone might commit suicide.

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According to the respected news outlet called the Daily Mail? Or is it Buzzfeed?

Anthony Bourdain had been battling depression for ages. Maybe he did commit suicide because his gf had been cheating on him, maybe not. Whatever the reason is, people should not be talking as if Asia Argento is responsible for his death as it was his decision to hang himself.