Any bopomofo books that aren't baby books?

I want a Chinese book that has bopomofo characters by the side (to teach me how to read Chinese sentences) that arent baby books. Why? Because I wanna learn how to say regular sentences in Chinese, not baby sentences like “the big cow is fluffy” or something like that. :roll_eyes:
I’ve been studying a little bit of Chinese on my own and using whatever I got. (Which is baby books and Taiwanese 1st grade activity books)
IDK, I just want a book that will both teach me regular sentences as a young adult and have bopomofo on the side.

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I understand where you are coming from, but baby and children’s books have been indispensable in my quest to improve reading comprehension.


Most Taiwanese children’s (picture) books have zhuyin next to each character. Find books you know and love in English (that are simple) and get the Chinese translation of them.

The 國文 (Chinese literature) textbooks for elementary also have zhuyin. Unlike 康軒 (Kangxuan)’s total shit English textbooks, their Chinese textbooks are pretty good, though geared towards native speakers of course.


You might also try a browser extension like this one: Zhuyin - Chrome Web Store

Also this post looks like another way: How to Read Chinese Websites More Easily on Google Chrome


Totally understand. Unfortunately, you’re only going to find books for young folks with bopomofo. However, I found that by scouring the children’s sections of bookstores I could find “children’s” books written by authors that appeal to adults as well. One such, for me at least, is Roald Dahl (Willy Wonka, etc.)

I’m currently reading Dahl’s Matilda (瑪蒂達) which has a good mixture of familiar words and new vocabulary and phrases, at least for me. Here’s a sample page:

Dahl’s books are listed at where you might find other children’s books with zhuyin that interest you.

EDIT: Apparently that site might be flagged as “unsafe” because it doesn’t begin https. It is a legitimate bookstore site, good for browsing at least.


Hold up, they have a bopomofo version of Willy Wonka?:open_mouth: :astonished:


I’m pretty sure I listened to a Chinese audiobook of Willy Wonka a few years back. Follow along with the text and audio for some top notch linguistic input!

Which has me wondering: why the heck are there almost no audiobooks of Chinese books? I can buy Harry Potter or A Series of Unfortunate Events audiobooks in English from almost every bookstore here, but there’s no Chinese audiobooks even of Chinese children’s books!

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They likely download them from the apps instead.

I mean, I’m willing to pay for an audiobook in any format, but, other than when I paid for a Lingq account, I have not been able to find any audiobooks in Chinese from anywhere.

Try searching the name of the book with 中文聲書. I got a number of results; here’s one that’s on YouTube:


Thank you!

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Probably because people here don’t read or listen to books (much).

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I always do alot of stuff on technology. (I take notes on my phone.)
So i’d like to try to read a regular nontechnology book