Any experiences dating a Taiwanese flight attendant?


Yeah dumb
First 787
Big whoopie
The A350 is proving to be a better plane
Ci has those
EVA most likely will too except EVA wants only GE engines and A350 is RR only
CI is setting up a RR engine overhaul facility as part of the plan when acquiring the A350
EVA has one for GE engines
All EVA jets are GE engined
The A320 engines are GE involved


I want to fly on one of those new KC-390. That would be cool


For most men who can’t think logically because of sexual desire, yes.
That’s why we’re seeing the OP chasing after every sexually attractive woman he sees.
The OP is most likely to be wasting enormous money, time, effort for something that doesn’t worth more than a few banknotes.

Think logically, and never let your sexual desire control you. That’s what I’m saying.


There is control and there is desire and there is controlled desire

The desire has to be there before a relationship can start


I’m not saying you’re wrong, but from the OP’s thread and post, I think he just wants to have several one night stands with sexy women in different jobs and uniforms. That’s why he fell for KTV attendants first, then flight attendants, and maybe later office attendants, restaurant attendants, hospital attendants, etc.


Many men have cosplay fantasies when choosing their ideal mate. Flight attendants, nurses, Office ladies are among the more popular ones. Flight attendants from China Airline and EVA must meet certain height and BMI requirement as part of their job requirement. Selection based on overall attractiveness with ideal body statistics… Tall enough to tend the overhead compartment while thin enough not to waste precious jet fuel. I have dated a few China Airline cabin crew members in my younger days while studying abroad in Los Angeles. Many USC college boys hang out at hotel lobbies of hotels near LAX (China airline crew stayed at the Sheraton LAX) to pick up flight attendants. These girls are only in town for a few days and would really appreciate local guys who can show them around town. Trips to the Cabazon shopping outlet, fancy dinner in West Hollywood are how we usually wine and dine our ideal candidate.

Flight attendants are often viewed upon as waitress in the sky with adequate English skills. Beside asking you for beef or chicken / coffee or tea, they are fully trained in basic life support CPR and emergency evacuation procedures. They do everything well with a smile on their face. I met many qualities girls in this profession whom end up marrying very well. These girls are used to servicing hundreds of guests on a long flight. When all attention is on you… This makes an off duty flight attendant a wonderful woman to enjoy.


I wish Air Canada would require this too. :laughing::laughing::laughing: I`d rather be served by a defecating Hippo than some of their stewardesses.


Personally I’d rather hang out with a defecating hippo than have to read some of the sexist cr*p in this thread.



Not sexist, agist. :laughing::laughing:

I love the smell of Ben-Gay in the morning…smells like an aging AC stewardess. :laughing:


You mean with the countless single ladies from various ethnic origins in a melting-pot like Los Angeles, you guys just want to meet and date ladies who are exactly like us?
LOL. Oh, come on.

I’m not saying I’m more tasteful or something. But what I used to do back in my University days was to hang around and pick up International/foreign students who were interested in learning Chinese language and culture.
So, you would see an Asian guy and a White lady speaking Mandarin together, instead of English or any other Western languages.


The flight attendants are there to serve all customers on board, like any other jobs in the service industry.
They’re not there to demonstrate their bodies to fulfill some (or most?) male customers’ sexual fantasies.

If a hippo, as you put it, does her job well and makes all customers happy, I don’t see why she should be replaced, just because you can’t project your sexual fantasy onto her.

I never understand why so many guys get all excited and talk about how hot those flight attendants are, they must have never been to any adult venues for real pleasure and entertainment in their lives.


now now, play fair. don’t be mean to him, or to hippos.


I have dated and married women/woman that you can only dream of. :laughing: Back to stewardesses: I believe good service is an overall package: good appearance, excellent customer service, hygiene, good smells etc. It is an art form. And AC just does not fit that bill. hahahahahahah.

Urodacus: his response was not mean. I can be mean. I have been suspended hundreds of times decades ago for being really mean. In the good old Forumosa days.:laughing:


All right, let’s stop being mean to one another here.

Since we don’t seem to have the same taste, you’re so-called “women/woman that you can only dream of” may be viewed completely differently in my eyes.

For example, many Taiwanese men dream for Lin Chi-Ling (I think she’s also from Canada somehow?), while in my eyes, I won’t give her a second glance if I meet her in a nightclub.

What’s more, the only woman that I have ever literally dreamed of for a long while (when I was a teenager) was Kelly McGillis in Top Gun, so unless you’ve dated or married her, your statement is invalid.


Your dream won`t come true…She bats for the other team. :laughing:


Yeah, that’s probably why I turned into such a cynical and pessimistic guy.



Well, each to his own, I suppose.


Top Gun


Really? Really? Chi-Ling gets so much better with age.



There were also cabin crew members from JAL, Korean Air, among China airline and EVA. Selection was awesome and much better than college campus bars.