Any Taiwan rock melons as sweet as Hokkaido Rock Melons?

I regret reading the wikipedia page about this creature.

Yikes. I’ve never seen a snail here. It gets cool to cold at night here even in the summer so my pest problems are manageable.

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They really are a bane to farmers. We can thank them for a lot of chemicals used in our plant food production in taiwan. Ironically they are still farmed a lot for meat, so they are here to stay. I guess southern japan could have them?

We can collected bucket loads daily. Too tresome now we just give them astimp and move on. Calcium for the soil.

Google pic. Havent seen any that big, but pretty close. Last year saw a massive one about 90% that size around Daan park. So big you wonder if you might hurt yourself trying to kill them.

That goes from house to snail to the soil


Ya lol. They eat the bark off small trees as well. never in the clear til stems are wrist diameter it seems.

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It could be worse . . . at least they don’t try to eat you.

Yes a lot of bears and too many deer, way too many that they hope people eat them like in Ramen and steaks.

Just don’t eat the smail. the cement is toxic.

Any less so than the dumplings?