Anyone have anything positive to say?

Sadly, the discussions in this forum seem to have deteriorated to arguments, complaints and criticism. The top ten Open Forum subjects at this moment are critical of two newspapers, one beer, one country’s foreign policy, the UN, peace protesters and another website, and a third of those ten concern the war on Iraq.

Doesn’t anyone have anything nice to say? Could we have a more uplifting discussion?

I have no particular subject in mind, but I’m so happy the weather has cooled and it has rained. It’s early morning now, the birds are chirping outside my window and I think it’s going to be a beautiful day.


Yeah… I like your hair that way.

Thanks. I like your tie.

But I’m not wearing a tie…

Sounds like you need a good dose of banal and perky live American morning talk shows like “Regis and Kelly”

MT- Let me see if I can help find some happy topics…

Happy Topics gleaned from today’s front page…

Water Shortage… Nope, that doesn’t work

War with Iraq, Turkey not cooperating with US plans…Another NoGO I am afraid.

Soong blames Lee and Chen Shui Bian for the Lafayette Frigate deal… Um, I guess if you are Soong, that is a happy topic…

OK, Lets look at the front page of the WSJ…

Al Qadeda Agents still widespread… OK, that sucks huh

US will protest Pyongyang… Doesn’t sound too happy…

Deadly Phillipine Blast… NOT a good topic…

GM/Ford will cut production… OK, that could be good, less global warming, but could be bad… layoffs?

Basically, the world SUCKS right now…but, good news, in approx. 3 weeks, I will be on a 2 month “paid” leave!!!

Thats good news huh!


(PS) hows the job going?

And a new baby. Gonsea gonsea. The new job’s going great – very busy but I really enjoy the work. I’ll call you soon to chat.

As for Regis and Kelly, sorry but that’s just more bad news. I cried when Kathy Lee left. :cry:

MT, that’s a negative thing to say.

You can always start a topic about bunnies if you like

I love you all.

[quote=“Mother Theresa”]

I have no particular subject in mind, but I’m so happy the weather has cooled and it has rained. It’s early morning now, the birds are chirping outside my window and I think it’s going to be a beautiful day.


It is indeed a lovely day. I skipped the Golf course for the office what a silly boy. But the ideas are flowing and the work is good. Including this short segue.

here is a question to all: What was yoour most pleasant experience in Taiwan?


Her name was Miss Zhuang…

We are alive, hopefully healthy, and we live in an exciting place doing things we like.

Isn’t that good?

In case you are very beaten down, then let’s judt have a beer.

To answer your question Chodufu, Miss Zhuang would also be on my list of pleasant Taiwan experiences. Others concerning people include:

-went with my boss to visit a lawyer recently and upon arrival he gave each of us an expensive bottle of wine

-my prior landlord used to give me lots of food, alcohol and other gifts to bring home every time I paid rent

-upon accepting one job in Taiwan I learned that the salary was actually considerably more than I had been told before I accepted it

Here is a question to all: What was your most pleasant experience in Taiwan?


Ooh, that’d be telling! And if I did, it’d earn me a barrage of warnings from the A and I’d be booted off this forum faster than my head turns when I pass a lovely xioajie in a short skirt.

Talking of which, isn’t that enough by itself to fill your heart with joy and make you forget all the other grim stuff? It certainly does it well enough for me.

Which also prompts me to suggest that we hoick the “Appreciation of Physical Attributes” thread back up to the top of the list and focus more of our posting on that heart-and-loin-warming subject.


Miss Zhuang is now my wife!!!

I no longer like your hairstyle, you warmongering son-of-a-Bush… go invade Iraq… stop invading Mrs Melty…

Very funny Your Honor, but not exactly what I meant. Was it pleasant for Miss Zunag as well… enquiring minds don’t really need to know. I meant more like this:

For me

-watching my little half-breed squeeze right out of her lovely thoroughbred mother, and the nine months earlier squeezing her in.

-The New Year’s Bonus

-A ratty old living room in Chia yi, cold Taiwanese beer, and the dulcet tones of my mother in laws singing voice.

-Sunset on Dog’s head hill with some good pals and tasty bud.



:smiling_imp: I am positive that life is hard, then you die. :smiling_imp:

Not necessarily. How can you be certain that you are not immortal?

That’s the best! :o

For me, it’s been making and having two more little “half-breeds.”

Every evening, my position of “slave” becomes “master”. But I am not as skilled as my boss, because my “slave” only eats my money and gives me sh-it in return.