Anyone Living in Dulan on Here?

Is that just your conjecture or you have inside knowledge of the matter? If its the latter, then that really is disturbing & destroys his entire credibility.

It is on a Friday and Saturday night at the ‘sugar factor’! Music and alcohol (mostly beer) and food.

Most of Forumosa’s users are 60-something geriatrics that have taught Kindy for two decades too long. Not exactly the demo the SCMP was writing about.

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I’ve never even heard of this place…

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The name reminds me of something…

That’s a weird thing to say, can you clarify it? I didn’t know @Mucha_Man personally, but I certainly never got that kind of impression from him.

The issue got a pretty good going-over here:

Wrong as usual

Thank you! And no!

It’s a secret place, only for foreigners that are open to something different.

“(Weekends there is music, and they were setting up tents that looked like they were for vendors, but I don’t know what will be sold). There is basically one workshop with someone doing huge driftwood sculptures with a chainsaw open…”

Food (BBQ and local stuff like sun dried dolphin) and yes, driftwood furniture. There was a foreigner that actually made that and sold it at the weekend thrift market.

Exactly. I’m just wildly guessing why someone who has a good reputation would produce something exaggerated. All purely my own opinion on why and if it was exaggerated. Others may think it’s accurate.

Nothing more that I care to share about that. that ship has sailed anyway.

That poll is faker than CNN.

I just googled LP Taiwan Dulan and this is what their website has to say as of now (which I think is still over-hyped even though R. Kelly is no longer writing for LP Taiwan):

“This funky little village (都蘭; Dūlán) is the best spot along the east coast to base yourself for an extended stay. There’s good food, a range of accommodation, and a boatload of interesting characters.”

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Most of them died already or moved on, except for some local interesting characters.

They got this part fairly correct. The rest is mostly exaggeration.

“Dulan is in essence a couple of blocks on either side of Hwy 11, and a few backstreets winding into the hills.”

It looks like a standard East Coast beach town to me. However, I know the guy who wrote this blog and he’s pretty sound about places to visit.

I’ll give Dulan a crack sometime.

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There are no stoplights, the most popular place is 7-Eleven, most good places are closed Sunday through Thursday or maybe just don’t open on the weekend either if they don’t feel like it, visit on a Saturday and night or you may experience anything except 7-Eleven.

There is quite a bit of info on the forum from me and others.

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Pretty much this.

Donghe and north on the 11 are some of the most beautiful places on earth.


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Yes, Robert Kelly also seemed to be pretty sound about places to visit, with the exception of Dulan. Its just strange how this place snares a few people in to become totally besotted with it while for others who have spent time there (including myself), its totally underwhelming.

I have fond memories of the area around Dulan , from a decade ago . Spent a few months nearby . Scenery was awesome . Bugs and mosquitoes… not so much :pensive:


I wanna check out the Dulan Crap Restaurant!