Anyone Living in Dulan on Here?

Anyone living in Dulan here on Forumosa?

Come on you can admit it. Nothing to be embarrassed about.

Surprising that nobody wants to admit they live in the up & coming hipster capital of Asia (according to some media sources - SCMP for one).

Maybe they just don’t use Forumosa~~

Dulan :point_down:
Donghe :+1:

That’s about all I have to say about the former

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Just amazing, that no Forumosan wants to admit they live in Dulan. That SCMP hack journalist got it all wrong - about the place becoming the hipster capital of Asia. More like the most overhyped town in all of Asia. Overhyped by people such as Robert Kelly (aka Mucha Man) - former writer of Lonely Planet Taiwan.

exactly, cuz they cannot :sheep:’ishly admit to their wrong decision-making process

Yeah, I bet Rob Kelly’s LP Taiwan led alot of people astray in terms of Dulan. Too bad he no longer visits this website to defend himself / say that we’re totally wrong. Btw, he used to be the moderator for taiwan travel forum on forumosa and was actually quite helpful as such (generally speaking).

he was definitely good on the forum and offered lots of tips.
but something was bad in the beer he drank that day to designate Dulan as God’s gift to foreigners in Taiwan

I was struck with Dulan myself for awhile thinking I had found a little spot of a great big area, then realized there is barely a small spot of anything and nothing great and no potential.

There was a reason he wrote so highly about Dulan. Maybe to help some friends get some business dropping in.

Is that just your conjecture or you have inside knowledge of the matter? If its the latter, then that really is disturbing & destroys his entire credibility.

It is on a Friday and Saturday night at the ‘sugar factor’! Music and alcohol (mostly beer) and food.

Most of Forumosa’s users are 60-something geriatrics that have taught Kindy for two decades too long. Not exactly the demo the SCMP was writing about.

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I’ve never even heard of this place…

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The name reminds me of something…

That’s a weird thing to say, can you clarify it? I didn’t know @Mucha_Man personally, but I certainly never got that kind of impression from him.

The issue got a pretty good going-over here:

Wrong as usual

Thank you! And no!

It’s a secret place, only for foreigners that are open to something different.

“(Weekends there is music, and they were setting up tents that looked like they were for vendors, but I don’t know what will be sold). There is basically one workshop with someone doing huge driftwood sculptures with a chainsaw open…”

Food (BBQ and local stuff like sun dried dolphin) and yes, driftwood furniture. There was a foreigner that actually made that and sold it at the weekend thrift market.

Exactly. I’m just wildly guessing why someone who has a good reputation would produce something exaggerated. All purely my own opinion on why and if it was exaggerated. Others may think it’s accurate.

Nothing more that I care to share about that. that ship has sailed anyway.

That poll is faker than CNN.