Anyone married to a mainland Chinese? Please read my concerns

If I get married to a mainland Chinese, how free will my and my spouse’ social and political speech be? Her parents and grandparents are in mainland China. Her families’ assets are probably all in China. Will my activity put them at risk?

I will do more than just writing on my twitter. I will write for media and do it through formal politics. So I will be very visible.

I am not that extreme. I don’t support Chinese gov being thrown away or accepting American system. But I can touch sensitive things like opposing extradition bill of Hong Kong and releasing political prisoners.

Will this put her, her parents, grandparents at risk?


That’s the thing. It won’t!

That’s extreme for the CCP.

Anything but complete and utter praise is not tolerated.


All you have to do is watch Serpentza and Laowhy86. Before leaving China, they were targeted for even the most innocuous things.


I’m married to someone who was a mainland Chinese citizen when we met (now an American) and who does have family in mainland, and largely agree with this under current conditions. We didn’t have many concerns early on, but in the last 3 years we have become quite concerned about this, which is why I largely only talk about my disgust for the PRC government on an anonymous forum while using a VPN.

I can tell you that my wife is also quite concerned about this being the Taiwan GM of an American company. When she gives speeches, her PR team has to carefully vet the language so as not to say anything insensitive to either side.

Realistically, I don’t how much a concern this should be unless (a) you are working for a semi-large media outlet or otherwise have a somewhat significant following in your work, (b) your wife has a somewhat high level or high profile position, and (c) your name can easily be connected to her Chinese name. But even then I’d still be a little concerned…and I certainly wouldn’t travel to China myself if I were you.


Thank you. Who are Serpentza and Laowhy86? Where can I find what happened to them?

Youtube channels

If you offend the party, they may simply track you down outside of China.

This extraordinary detailed reporting from ProPublica is a chilling read about what PRC agents are willing to do in places like the US.

In short: watch out!


Thank you. When you say " and largely agree with this under current conditions", what does “this” mean?

What does “Taiwan GM” mean? General Manager?

By “this” I meant “Marco’s assessment”.

Taiwan GM = Taiwan General Manager. Meaning, the General Manager of the Taiwan branch of an international company.


Your wife needs to censor herself because her family is in China or because her company needs to do business with China?

Jeebus, I knew some of this happened, but no idea that it was so widespread.

During speeches, the latter. During life, the former.

It’s great reporting about a very unhappy situation.


Does anyone have more examples where non-Chinese person’s political activity put his/her spouse’ family (who lives in China) at risk?

Or examples of non-Chinese people giving up on saying something about China because they are worried that their spouse’ family might be harmed?

Dude, It’s already codified. The National Security Law is a worldwide law as claimed by the People’s Republic of China. The Chinese have every intention to enforce that law within and outside its borders.


In short: rule by law, not rule of law.


Have I made my point clear or do I need to continue?


You said
“I’m not that extreme”

Have you ever pointed out a flaw in Chinese culture society history behavior? Chinese become apoplectic. To Chinese, you should never even think about criticizing anything about China. Chest pounding jingoism like this is OK :

Criticize anything about China and I predict you will look like this

Everything that Serpentza and LaoWhy said is true — obvious to any objective observer who’s lived in China. (Einstein said similar things. He was one of the greatest observers. )

They were forced to flee for their lives

I wrote my post before I read Marco’s. Marco said it all in fewer words

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With respect, this is the last thing I would recommend to anyone seeking a balanced view on China. These two are obviously coming from a right wing, anti-China perspective.

Ironically, using them as an example actually runs counter to your argument. Their wives entire families are still in China. But this fact hasn’t exactly prompted them to tone down their rhetoric.

Less word more efficiency! :grin: