Anything happy to talk about

There is so much bad news these days, killings, suicides , hatreds. It makes me depressed. My only respite is my banjo. Anyone got any good news to talk about like people being kind to each other?


No. The world is full of shit.


My neighbor picked up a bag of lawn fertilizer when he went Sam’s Club. That was nice of him.

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Is there?

You can always start some lighter topics like “how many people have you slept with” or losing virginity stories.


Should we be forward thinking and just post all of them here :

Because the media, especially Western media, have been taught that fear sells. It glues you to the screen wanting more news. So that is all they talk about. Because news full of good news is a news network out of business.

Unfortunately we still think and act like we are surviving alone in the big bad jungle and our brain is designed to focus on bad news.

Just ask yourself, which news article are you more likely to read?

Breaking news! Bomb explodes on train, kills 200! Terrorist group says more attacks to follow!


Breaking news! First Presbyterian Church gifts 200 homes to homeless people, no string attached!

Edit: Taiwanese news is actually better about not posting up doom and gloom all the time… They’re actually more like local news in the US than say CNN or whatever. Sure their journalistic integrity is suspect… but hey you wanted something that didn’t scream “the sky is falling” constantly, seems TW news is better about this. Sure they still do that but there’s about 1/3 of the news that covers lifestyle/food/travel.

So basically don’t watch CNN if you are tired of bad news.


You can start.


Banjo, nice.
An old friend makes custom ones for a living.

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Last time i was in kaohsiung there were blue skies.

The news tends to want to inform people on what needs improving. For feel good stuff, youtube is great.

Generally i find short meaningless encounters with taiwanese incredibly positive and upbeat. Just grab a tea with a stanger on tge street, smile and goodbye. Can turn the day around :slight_smile:

Yep, and there’s a Simpsons clip for almost everything! :slight_smile:


Give us something happy to talk about.

@discobot quote

:left_speech_bubble: I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it. — Pablo Picasso


Happy Picasso everyone! :partying_face:


I got an A on my options trading exam. Just another month and I’m finish with grad school.


My cats are awesome …


Fertilizer ? Boom
Making material

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We signed up for Costco yesterday after ten years away for me

Good we just wanted
To take a look

Cost me 150

Plus the 60 for membership
Family membership
The girl
Asked if my wife was my daughter
Should have just said yes

Sorry fir the haiku
Just had my second Pfizer shot
It’s an after effect


My co-workers were nice yesterday, and we’ve been getting along pretty well for a while now. The students were mostly nice, and to the small extent that they weren’t, it was just kids being kids, and I’m used to that.

On the one hand, it’s been raining, but on the other hand, it’s getting warmer. Also, I’m at home now, and the sound of the rain is kind of soothing.

I’ve got some troubles, but at least right now, my troubles don’t look like they’re all going to waylay me immediately. So far so good, knock wood and fingers crossed. :slight_smile:


I almost liked every post. :grinning:
The sun.came up again, there was no.nuclear war, the sound of rain is soothing while typing this in my warm bed. My cold has gone and I am.about to cup.of Earl.Grey as I do most mornings. @Andrew0409 congrats on your A.


So true, I watch a lot of CNN ; especially Cuomo prime time. He is always angry about something, but yes I am guilty of watching it.