Apple Taipei store not taking returns?

Purchased a phone at the official retailer in Taipei. I went back a few days later to ask for a return because the phone is super buggy.

They informed me only online purchase can be returned. They said no refund no exchange. Has anyone had any experience with this?

Yes that is the rule. I bought powerbeats pro online twice because of this policy. And returned them both due to being really buggy. If I had to buy them in store I would not be able to return.

They only will honor the warranty if the problem you have falls under those conditions.

You can return within 7 days, either get money back or exchange for similar.

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I’m not sure about Apple authorized dealers but Taipei Apple stores do not accept returns or exchanges on Apple or Beats products. They ironically accept returns and exchanges on other brands not named apple. Every country is different.

Again this is Apple direct store…I have no idea about Apple authorized dealers. This was also confirmed when I was in Apple Xinyi and asked about return policy on Beats earbuds.


Apple 直營店購買政策


根據本購買政策,所有從台灣 Apple 直營店購買的 Apple 和 Beats 產品不得退貨或換貨。如果你不滿意所購買的其他産品,請在購買日期後十四 (14) 個日曆天內將其連同原始收據和原始包裝物退回。如産品完好未損壞,我們將交換退回産品或僅可根據原先的付款方式建議退款。對於超過 新台幣13,600 元的現金和現金等值交易,Apple 將在十 (10) 個工作天內電匯款項至你的台灣銀行帳戶。

It’s a government consumer protection law. 7 days. Apple can not just make up rules. They tried that in Europe where electronics have a 2 year warranty.

Where is the link to Consumer protection law that allows for 7 day return on everything for in-store purchases?

I only see 7 days applies to Online or door-to-door or mail order purchases.


Heads up, you may be buying from “Certified Resellers” which is “self” certified lol, not by Apple. Apple doesn’t actually authorize anyone to resell their stuff. They’re picky about that. So it’s likely NOT Apple you’re dealing with unless you’re at their new “official” store (there’s only 1 and it’s new).

EDIT: Oh nice, 2 now :slight_smile: Forgot which one I visited, but it was beautiful (even as a Windows/Android fan).

There’s two official stores. The new one and the one in 101.


There are quite a few Authorized resellers and probably the biggest is Studio A. Studio A is also contracted to deal with “warranty” issues even if you buy from Apple Taipei Store or Apple Taiwan website. I just had a QC issue with my Airpods Pro which i bought from apple directly and was instructed to go to Studio A. (It was a painless experience and they fixed the problem.)

Not sure about the difference between certified reseller or authorized reseller but just make sure you check the store on Apple Taiwan’s own website: and make sure you put in the product that you looking to buy. An authorized store might be authorized to sell iphones, but not ipads or Macbooks.

Apple Taipei physical stores have a no returns policy for Apple and Beats. While the Apple online store I believe is either 7 days or 14 days you can return.

Good, so they can put all flawed products in their stores and get rid of it.

More reasons not to buy iPhones…shocking.

But isnt it the law to take returns within 7 days. On everything. I would strongly suggest recording them and reporting it. Apple is pretty dodgy considering how loyal people are. Strange.

I believe the rule is due to hoarders when new apple devices launch, though this was more of an issue in earlier iphone releases

But is the law of the country 7 days? Regardless of company wishes.

I get the idea behind apple. dont agree with it, but am not an apple supporter so it doeant matter. But laws seem important. I wonder if there is a loophole somewhere? Literlly every single electronic device i have bought here the staff told me 7 day money back or replcement/store credit

3rd party taiwan warranty companies are another story, i willnever buy that load of BS, they always cheat and steal, and dont even bother hidding the fact :frowning:

Apple tried to change the law in Europe where every device gets a two year warranty. Apple gave the minimum 1 year and tried to sell their warranty insurance to extend it.

Not for bricks and mortar, this only applies to online sales.

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Thats why I buy mostly online now. Got tired of getting an item that was not satisfactory and then it was worse than pulling teeth with the laoban to get the money back.

Really? I had no idea. Why do stores always tell you 7 days then? Little ones up to large ones like carrefour.

Some stores will have their own policy, it’s not due to legal requirements. Costco have their legendary policy, RT Mart allow a month last time I checked and others have nothing.