Apply for work permit without companies help

A Taiwanese company wants to hire me as a consultant (1-year contract). Unfortunately, they are unwilling to support the application of a work permit. As I do not have an ARC and am currently in my home country I am wondering what options do I have (assuming borders are open some day).

Is there any way to get a work permit with a consulting contract or any umbrella company that I can work through that can apply for a work permit for me?

I unfortunately do not qualify for a gold card.

You can probably find an accountant who will help you set up your own “business” so you can get an ARC. But, you might have to already be in Taiwan for that. I’m not sure. If you are already here then from what I understand it is possible.

It sounds like this company doesn’t quite know what it’s doing or doesn’t care.

Accountants are good at accounting. Ask a lawyer before proceeding with any dodgy scheme.

De facto employment or labor contracts are de jure employment or labor contracts, though the courts in Taiwan have trouble agreeing on where to draw the line.

Previous discussion of a similar situation:

Other options:

  1. marry a Taiwanese person :kissing_heart::ring::rainbow:
  2. spend five+ years doing other stuff in Taiwan in order to become a permanent resident (or citizen), or
  3. if you qualify, apply for a working holiday visa (but I don’t think this is possible right now due to covid, and depending on your nationality it might not give you a full year anyway).

Do you have to be here physically?
If not, you may not need a work permit to work for them remotely from your home country. Best to confirm with someone who has sold their consultant services online.

Unfortunately, I am already back in my home country. During my preliminary research I saw that the minimum capital requirements are around 500k, which seems excessive if there is no actual need for that company. But I will keep in hiring a CPA thanks!

More likely that the company doesn’t care. Especially since it is a Taiwanese MNC. I might go for an entrepreneur visa and consider setting up a company. Since I already got the work holiday visa from a couple of years ago.

Hi. Here is the CPA I recommend. He speaks English.