Applying for US Student Loan Forgiveness from Taiwan

Hi all… title says it all here, just wondering if anyone has done this yet because I am having trouble. Here’s the link, it just doesn’t work.,7c00752,65564f1

Is it because the site is overloaded with people trying to apply? That the site just doesn’t work at all? Do I need to use a VPN because I’m outside the USA? Any other ways to apply? Thanks in advance and I appreciate any helpful comments and suggestions.

good question, I believe a VPN is all you need to work around this issue. Let me know how it goes, as I ran into the same wall and haven’t tried using my vpn to bypass it yet.

You didn’t mention what county.

I just tried using the free Chrome plugin VPN, Setup VPN, and it still didn’t work, but that’s a pretty shitty VPN. I guess I’ll try another service like Nord or something, pay a few bucks, and see how that goes.

I tried using my normal VPN and it didn’t work, so I downloaded Opera which has a built-in vpn style thing. That did work.

Can you use Opera on a PC? I thought that browser is only for Mac.

But the website actually does work? It’s just that it’s not available in Taiwan?

99% is USA

Yeah everything worked fine for me. Opera is for every os.

I have a US VPN. Also tried my VPN server at my mother’s house in Canada. Nothing. works just fine from Taiwan.

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All you need is a VPN. When I tried that link directly, it didn’t work. After connecting via my VPN with a US IP address (in Washington state), it worked.

Have you tried calling them?

I know that only an American would do that. I’m just trying to educate him. You guys can thank me.

Again. I tried my VPN to access the site in the US and Canada.


The root site works.

Without VPN:

With VPN:


That’s a completely different address than the one provided above.

The link took me there when I clicked on it.

It didn’t matter what IP address for me. US, Canada, Taiwan.

I’d be careful with opera seeing how it’s Chinese owned


can you provide your link?