APRC After Gold Card - What are the rules?

If we get the APRC thru the GC route, but stay outside of Taiwan for extended periods ( say 2-4 years), do we still need to do any of these:

  1. Keep asking for permission to stay abroad every 6 months ( I read this somewhere for some category of aprc)
  2. Contribute financially towards some minimum tax, NHI, etc?
  3. Any other thing I don’t know ?

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The Gold Card Office announced today that 3% of the total holders to date have already converted their GC into an APRC, which means close to 200 people. Considering that 2020 and the pandemic triggered a boom in new applications, the number of APRCs awarded to Gold Card holders who will reach the 3-year threshold in 2023 is likely to grow exponentially as well.

I would like to turn this thread into a spin-off of the main “super-thread” for those who have already completed the process to share their experience. We (future Gold Card to APRC applicants) would love to hear stories, timelines, suggestions, hints, hacks, dos and dont’s, etc. and possibly ask questions too :slightly_smiling_face:


Can someone post the official requirements for Gold Card to APRC?

I know time-wise it is 3 years with an average of 183 days per year in Taiwan. What about the other requirements?

AFAIK the requirements are still the same as those for a “regular” APRC, apart from the 3 years and the 183 average days (as compared to the classic 5 years and 183 days each year).

National Immigration Agency, R.O.C. (Taiwan) - Instructions on Document Submission by Foreigners Applying for Permanent Residency

Specific to the timing since the gold card is valid for exactly three years, do you have to first apply for an extension and then apply for the APRC once you receive the extension and have completed a full three years? In other words, you cannot go directly from gold card to APRC without an extension.

I remember reading that somewhere when the rule first came out.

Its basically the same paperwork as applying as a foreigner professional minus the work permit history document.

You need to complete 3 years on a Gold Card and have some time for the APRC to process after that. There is 3 methods that have been tried and tested by members in the Gold Card Community:

  1. extend the gold card
  2. apply for the 6 month ARC extension (can’t work while on this)
  3. have a company sponsor a work permit and apply for an ARC based on that

On average gold card holders are reporting 3 weeks for the APRC to be processed though at the end of 2022 some holders did report 5-6 weeks (I guess NIA just had a busy time then).

FAQs by the Gold Card Office are a good resource:


[UPDATED] Like @irish91 wrote, there is no direct access to APRC yet (or ever). Even if the application is made the day after the Gold Card expires, you still need to hold something in-between (a new Gold Card, a “normal” ARC or the 6-month additional residency that I don’t call extension because this term has already caused enough confusion).

Ok I thought there was an extension option for the gold card, but reading from the gold card site looks like you can’t work. So sounds like best option is to renew the gold card and then switch over, or job seeking as you say.

You can apply for a 6+6 month extension of stay at the National Immigration Agency, which will allow you to remain in Taiwan for a maximum of 12 months, but you cannot work. If you want to work in Taiwan, you will need to apply for a work permit.

Be super careful whenever you read the word “extension”. There is an option on the Gold Card platform as well, but it refers to “extending” the Gold Card as in “renewing” the existing one. And “renewing” is a separate option that refers to the old procedure for “renewing” a Gold Card. A mess.

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The 6 month job-seeking visa is something else, it’s only a visitor visa you apply for from the BOCA, MOFA that does not extend the ARC.

It’s the extension of residency of the ARC need to apply for at NIA, MOI.

Where a foreign professional who engages in professional work in the State, or a foreign special professional who has obtained an Alien Resident Certificate under the provisions of Article 8 Paragraph 2 or an Employment Gold Card under the provisions of Article 9, before the effective term of their residency or Employment Gold Card has expired, still has need to reside, they and their spouse, children under the age of majority, and children over the age of majority who are unable to live independently due to physical or mental disability, may apply to the NIA for an extension of residency.
Where an application for extension of residency as referred to in the preceding paragraph is approved, and an Alien Resident Certificate issued, the Alien Resident Certificate shall have an effective term of six months starting from the next day following the expiry of the original Alien Resident Certificate or Employment Gold Card; if needed, before this period expires, they may apply again for one further extension, for a total extension of residency up to a maximum of one year.
Act for the Recruitment and Employment of Foreign Professionals - Article Search/Content Search Result - Laws & Regulations Database of The Republic of China (Taiwan)

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Thanks for clarifying. Amending the previous post.

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Yeah, the Gold Card office wrote an explanation of this too:

“Re-application” is the term used for 1) those who applied for a second Gold Card before 10/25/2021 or 2) those who apply for a second Gold Card after their first Gold Card expires. The start date of the second Gold Card is the approval date of the re-application.

“Extension” is the term used for those who apply for a second Gold Card after (and including) 10/25/2021. In this case, the start date of the second Gold Card is linked to the first Gold Card. For example, if your first card expires on 11/25, then your second card’s start date is 11/25.

Please note that the required documents for “re-application” are the same as those for an “extension,” and you must meet the qualifications before applying.
What is the difference between re-application and extension? | Taiwan Gold Card

Thank you for clarifying. You need to apply the 6 month job seeking visa at BOCA/MOFA in Taipei:
100, Taiwan, Taipei City, Zhongzheng District, Section 1, Jinan Rd, 2-2號號3~5樓

I know we won’t be able to work. But what about spouse and children ARC that was dependent on the Gold Card ARC? How are they going to extend their stay in Taiwan?

EDIT: My mistake, you are trying to correct @boaz25 about the different job seeking option,

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I believe you referring to the incorrect 6 month job seeking “thing”.

EDIT: You were referring to the correct job seeking option on the third paragraph.

According to Gold Card FAQ, there is such thing as Job-Seeking ARC, and you apply that at NIA, not BOCA/MOFA. This is an ARC, so your spouse and children ARC can be extended as well.

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Yes correct, the ARC extension at NIA.

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Alternative 1: Gold Card Extension (Requalification); 4 months before expiration

Alternative 2: Local company sponsored ARC/Work Permit

Alternative 3: 6 Month Job Seeking ARC

1 month prior to expiration
Apply for 6 month job seeking ARC at NIA
Required Documents:
01 Completed ARC Application Form
02 One color photograph
03 Original and one photocopy of new and old passports
04 Fee: NT$1,000

Apply for ARC renewal for Dependents at NIA (if needed)

1 day after expiration
Apply for APRC at NIA
Required Documents:
01 Completed APRC Application Form
02 One color photograph
03 Original and one photocopy of new and old passports
04 Original and one photocopy of Alien Resident Certificate
05 Health examination certificate: waived?
06 Proof of financial assets or special skills and talents: Details of income and tax payment from prior year
07 Criminal record certificates: 警察刑事紀錄證明書
08 Other relevant evidential documents: N/A
09 Fee: NT$10,000

Apply for ARC renewal for Dependents at NIA (if needed)


Months before my 3 year Gold Card (GC) expires, I apply for a new 1 year GC. Once I’ve finished 3 years on the original GC, and start year 4, can I apply for an APRC?

And then the APRC replaces my GC? Meaning I might be on a Gold Card 3.1 years, and then switch to an APRC. Hopefully not working the full 4th year, and then when GC finishes, being allowed to switch to an APRC.

Its also worth noting that the Ministry of Finance has said if want to make use of the full 5 years of tax benefits that should apply to extend the Gold Card first, then its still possible to switch to an APRC and have a soft copy of the extended Gold Card to show MOF to keep utilising the tax benefit.

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I found this very detailed article about the 6-month ARC extension (居留證延期). Is this what you were referring to earlier @irish91?

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Its the same thing yeah, it wasn’t available to Gold Card holders until the updates to the Foreign Talent act in October 2021.