APRC - And what then?

Hi to everybody here in the Forum.

I have picked up my APRC a few mobths ago. I have the foreign professional aprc (not sure if that matters).

I wonder what you have been doing once you got your APRC. I took a while off and now I am thinking of what I should do next. Getting really bored of netflix amd gaming all day long. I need a new challange.

I wonder what you guys have done and if possible, I would like to hear your stories.

Few side nodes. I was a cram school teacher here before, but do not plan to go back to that kind of job. Teaching is just not my thing, especially not with these terrible conditions I have had experienced. I managed to get a nice bank roll due to certain investments I did. So it is not neccessary to get job for money only. If it is a job it should be interesting I guess. It should not feel like I am throwing my time away in exchange for some $ like at the cram school. I would like to rather build something or work on projects

Appreciate all your stories and it may help me to make a decision on how I want to continue here in Taiwan

Big thanks :slight_smile:


Did your ID number change?
You can update NHI, driver’s license, bank accounts to new number.


Start networking and build something you can enjoy/take pride in? That would depend on your interests, of course. I’d go crazy if I didn’t have a reason to wake up and get at something most mornings, and I mean beyond working on my Chinese or taking some random classes

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Maybe Netflix and gaming is what he gets him up and he enjoys doing? :man_shrugging: I guess everyone’s different. But yeah for me that can only go on so long.

I was reading something recently where someone gave a story of a friend they knew in UAE that was so rich he just gets up in his families fully paid for apartment and games all day and that’s his thing

It was fun for a while, but now it is boring. Looking for an interesting task to do. That is why I am curious, if somebody here was in a similar situation before. Would like to gather some ideas, because right now I have none.

I found myself in a somewhat similar predicament, not identical mind as money is a bit of an issue, but I’m going back to university to study Computer Science. I’m starting this online degree with the University of London next month - Bachelor of Science in Computer Science | University of London | Coursera. Maybe you could do something similar, if not Computer Science then something else that you find interesting?

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Open a business and develop things :slight_smile:


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