APRC Application Checklist (part 2)


Somewhere along these pages ther eis that incidence when they started giving out paper copies because the machine was broken…


I received my APRC card quite recently. I got the confirmation letter three weeks after submitting my application. The actual card arrived four weeks after the letter. Someone who applied after me received their card at the same time as me. They must have a backlog, or do them in batches, I’m not sure. I know a few people who got their APRC’s this year, and they all seemed to have different experiences with waiting times. If you’re worried and your ARC is about to expire, call your local immigration office for peace of mind.



I’ve been searching for a long time but so far, I’ve not been able to find the answer to the following:

When having 5 million or more of assets (real estate, savings, etc.), whom do we go to to have the real estate’s value appraised in a way that would satisfy the immigration office?

Someone asked the same question in part 1 of this thread, but didn’t get any answer… I’m a hoping that someone has the answer, now.



I would suggest the tax office, if the abode is paying fair share.


What sucks is the income requirement.

As a teacher, I have noticed most schools only list about NT$20,000 of true income. And my annual tax receipt reflects that.

Also, only work 10 or 11 months out of the year.

Will pay-stubs work?


There is preparatory work to be done when thinking of applying for an APRC. One of these tasks is making sure your school is reporting enough of your income to qualify, during the year preceding your application (since you must provide records–from the tax bureau, not from pay stubs–of the previous year’s income). I had to go our school administration and request this, explaining that it was necessary in order to apply for an APRC. They had no problem doing it.

I know other teachers who’ve done the same, and so far I haven’t heard of a school not complying with this request, but I suppose it’s possible. When will you be applying? If it’s soon, then your school might be able to submit a “corrected” earnings report to the tax bureau.


Instead of waiting until May when we files taxes, is there another document that we can use as proof of salary?


You can head down to your nearest tax office and get a printout of your earnings from the last time you filed your taxes if that’s any good to you.




What’s the minimum annual income to qualify for an APRC?


Looks like it should be 480,192. That’s twice the CLA’s 2016 Minimum Monthly Wage of 20,008 times 12.


Thanks again! Forumosa is great! I’m going to apply this year and it looks like the process is not so terrible.


Paperwork is turned in. Now, I wait… They said probably one month.


Mine was almost exactly 1 month. And congrats!


I didn’t want to wait until May tax season to apply, so I got the Withholding and non-withholding form from my employer, then went to the tax office and paid the tax. After paying or settling the tax bill, you need to ask for blue page that is called the Individual Income Tax Statement that shows you earn more than 2x the minimum. They just need the last year.
Besides that:

  1. photo
  2. employment letter
  3. police criminal check
  4. work permit
  5. 10K

If you are in the country more then 183 days in the year, you don’t need the health check or criminal background check from your home country. I’m not sure how you would qualify for an APRC if you were out of the country more than 183days?

I found that the people in all of the offices were I needed to get docs from were very helpful. At the same time, I did have to zig-zag a bit. The first review of my paperwork revealed I needed the blue tax form, so I got that. The second review revealed that my birthdate was incorrect on the police check, so I got that fixed. The immigration officer had mercy on me and processed my application and let me just drop the last form off. Being in Taiwan, I’ve learned that you just have to keep a good attitude and be persistent. That is not always easy to do.


You could be in Taiwan for 183 days and in another country for 183 days by flying out on the 183rd day in Taiwan and flying back and arriving back on the 183rd day out of Taiwan. Or do you have to be in Taiwan for the entire day for it to count as 1 day?
There’s also leap years.


I’ve joined the APRC club. I received a letter written in legalese and after calling, I know that it will be ready for pickup on the 27th. Now, I need to get the open work permit form ready.


Congratulations on your new freedom. Welcome to the club!


Congrats! May it be the last bit of immigration hassle you ever have to deal with.


Welcome to a little more freedom! :banana: