APRC, double jobs, food business

Hi everyone, I would like to clarify or get some insight from you about my understanding of APRC:

  1. by getting APRC, then I can register to get “open working permit (OWP)”. by OWP can I have double jobs? first job is with my current company, the other maybe some consultant job (hired by another employer/company) that don’t requires me to be in office. is that true?

  2. about the 2nd job, can I do a self-employed job ? what requirements or regulation needed to follow?

  3. with APRC, can I rent a 1st floor store and open a grocery shop or a food stall or a small restaurant there? what permits needed? and how to make it legal?

  4. if I open a grocery shop or small restaurant, can I employ my wife who is in dependent ARC? do I need make it formal with authority (on employ my wife)?

  5. is there any channel to consult about my plan with authority (phone, email, etc) ?

thank you

If it doen’t violate the contract between you and your current company, yes.

depends on the nature of the job.


Yes, you need make it formal with authority to employ a foreigner unless the person has an open work permit or work right.

maybe this kind of agencies or tax office?


Some full time jobs do prohibit working on the side, for example government.

To hire someone on ARC there are requirements but if your wife is dependent check if she is allowed to work on it.

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Foreigners can’t work for the government anyways so it’s moot.

I used to work for the government. :thinking:

Really? I’m pretty sure being on the government’s payroll is illegal for foreigners.

Well, we never got raided by the authorities, so maybe I dodged a bullet?

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there are some exceptions. The largest group may be English teachers at public schools.

There are exceptions, for example teachers at public school.

Also if you work as a research assistant at a public university (NTU for example), you are also on government payroll.

And if you’re making paper bags in a correctional institution.

I worked as an editor at the National Central Library. I wasn’t hired as a civil servant, but I did receive benefits in proportion to the number of hours I worked.

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hi thanks for your response.

I learn from EZ Work Taiwan website , it seems that spouse of ARC/APRC holder is eligible to take part-time job. but I can’t find information if the spouse can work into business that form by her husband. The qualification in that page also seems a bit complicated to follow. in my case, I wish there are easy way to hire my wife in my own shop/food-stall.

Hi thanks for your prompt reply.
about the self-employed job, I dream to open an IT-consultancy business, freelance or similar.
but I wondering how do I can issue an invoice to my customer and report my earning to tax office?
I read in some post, the youtuber that work and get paid in Taiwan, they just come and report how much their earn to Tax office every year. that is kind of self-employed job too, right?

Don’t think its illegal. If the government wants or needs you they will find a way. I know someone who works for the government. He has naturalized now but when he started he was on a marriage ARC.

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It’s not illegal. I used to work at MOFA.

Hi @britintaiwan just want to double check your quote above, do you mean it is not illegal to have my wife (who is in dependent ARC) to work together with me in my business/shop? am I correct?

No. It is a reply to @Marco’s post. Iiuc.

No. Sorry to confuse. I was replying to the question about whether it’s illegal for foreigners to work for the government.

I’ve known people who have done it for translation or technical work. Though they might have been working on a contractual basis and not as an employee.

If you’re wife is on a dependent ARC, she can’t work at all, not for you or for any company. She can get her own APRC 5 years after you get yours if all other conditions are met. Best not to risk it until then.