APRC: Worth it?


I have not been keeping close track lately but it looks up-to-date to me. The magic clause is Part V Note 10:

10. A foreign national, who has legally resided in the State for five years in a row and has not left the State for over 3 months during any particular trip out of the country, is exempted from submitting a health certificate and no criminal records of the original country.

If this applies to you, the process should be enormously simplified. But as Icon always says: go talk to an agent at your local NIA!

Good luck!



That information was correct as of January when I applied for my APRC. Didn’t need either.



Hi guys, question about APRC and OWP,

I just lost my job, and currently looking for a new employment, since i’ve been working for almost 5 years, I just need to wait a few months until I can get my APRC. There are some job offers from Taiwanese Companies that are willing to sponsor my Visa, however I am still considering working remotely as this offers more freedom (and better salary of course) to me.

so my question, is APRC holder can stay in Taiwan and work remotely? even though I am not officially working here? should I provide them my income statement from this overseas company? to file tax etc.
how to pay my NHI premium and my dependents here?

thank you in advance.


If you’re that close, I’d take a job to get it. Basically means that you are not tied to any job and no more trips to immigration. You can do almost anything except vote.

If I’m not mistaken, to qualify for an APRC, you need 5 years of uninterrupted time on an ARC. They look at your last year’s tax bill for proof of income. If you paid tax on the minimum foreign salary for the last tax year (about $50k per month) that is all you need. After the APRC is back, you go get the “open work permit” for something like $100NT and 1 hour of your time.
My biz was founded in Taipei and I pay my own insurance, etc. I’m sure there are other ways to buy insurance without having a biz in Taipei. Many other APRC holders are on this board.


which job you mean? that remote job or Taiwanese company?

no problem with that, I’ve asked NIA about it, and they said I can apply in the next few months.

that’s the question, how to do it?


The Taiwanese company. Specifically, one which can provide you with a work permit and subsequently an ARC for the next few months until you actually qualify for the APRC.


OK, forgot the detail, I am on 6 months extension visa now, just before the end of this visa duration I will be eligible for APRC.


First make sure you have an extention on your ARC. Yes, you can ask for one just to look for a job, 6 months to a year. Enjoy.

When you have an APRC, no one cares what you do, only yourself. No more sponsors. Just make sure you pay taxes…if you make that much. Welcome to SOHO living.

NHI can be paid independently. Go to your local office -also serach on this site for instructions but since you have to apply go in person with your APRC.


done, I can only have 6 months, that’s just enough to let me eligible for APRC,

that answers all the questions, thank you very much.


The only thing a safe employed person does not have is laobao. The rest is just a matter of swift paperwork. And I guess anyways you have a private pension scheme for your retirement.

Good luck.

You are always welcomed to invest in my future pupusa stand.


Other posters are correct here. They only care that you have been legally working here for 5 years and have paid a certain amount of tax.

The only part that I’m not sure about is if a 6 month extension will qualify you to get the APRC without taking another job. I don’t know about that part.


I read on some other thread that the 5 years required for APRC resets if you change visa type, is that still true?


If by “invest” you mean buy pupusas from you, I’m in!


Change jobs is OK but not visa types, for example a student arc does nothing for your aprc eligibility.
And changing visa types required you to leave the country and reenter which resets eligibility anyway.


In addition, if you make under the minimum monthly salary for the aprc, if you show $5M NT in your account here they will waive the salary requirements


Yeah. that’s my situation. There’s no way to make a student arc count? can I apply for a work arc when I’m enrolled?


You can only get a part-time work permit as a student (and only after a certain time), so if you want to work and study, it’s better to get the work permit first, then an ARC based on that, and then enroll in school.

The other option is to get married to a local and use the JFRV to count towards your APRC while you’re a student.


As long as they don’t change the ID number it’s still not really 100% usefull, you’ll have to lug around your passport.


If you have an APRC (or ARC, for that matter), why would you need to still carry your passport?


I don’t plan to retire in Taiwan. But open to possible opportunities to invest in your business. Thank you.

Went to immigration, they are fine with visa extension as long as I can retain my arc until I can get my Aprc. That’s roughly 5 years and 2 months to stay in Taiwan.