Arachnida of Taiwan



Been there, done that, including police…



One of my favorite Taiwanese arachnid, Typopeltis crucifer, eating a millipede


Did that one lose its whip somewhere, or is it naturally truncated?


Ya something bit it off, poor guy. I think its their common bouts with ants that do it, many become whipless but they can still spray, albeit without aim


I think @Icon will appreciate this one.


So today’s pictures are from a specimen different from the one in the picture I posted days ago. This one lives in a different house, but seems to be a close relative of my guest.


Another one, this time a nice crop so that you guys can zoom in and stare into its beautiful eyes:


See jumping spiders and daddy long legs all the time, think I’ve seen an orb weaver or 2 but can’t remember. I’m just glad I can lift my toilet seat and not have to scream like a girl because a red back is sitting there waiting for something to dangle and bite.

As for huntsman, haven’t seen any yet, shame, excellent big repellent, used to have a big one hanging around the house and in the walls in Sydney.


And today I found another one when cleaning under the bed… these things seem to be all over the place!

@Explant said that Taiwan has jumping spiders of multiple colours… still waiting for one that is not dark brown.


You will!


Say hi to Juanita (she’s under your bed):


I wish I had your photography skills, there are some cool colored jumps.g spiders, all the amazing ones here that I’ve found are quite small though

I am in a few week process of organizing hard drives, so should find a couple of them that I’ve foundd, but if I remember correctly they were cell phone pics at farms, so not detailed like.yours.

Huntsman will appear, but I notice they are somewhat seasonal, at least that big species you see indoors. Wild ones seem more common throughout the year, we found a.solid 50 plus tonight searching for frogs in Taipei

I like them a lot, but this year noticed they liked our bed and we could. Find a few, while asleep in our sheets. I love spiders but even I have my limits of creepiness.

As for feeding habits, I’m greatly interested in their food.preference. I’ve seen them eat lots, spiders, roaches, smaller geckos, flies etc. But did an experiment last year with cockroaches and our local massive huntsman and noticed that actually roaches of a certain size, or activity level (generally with wings and the spiders fealt threatened and avoided the cockroach. We setup about 10 enclosures for this experiment over 4 weeks, and ages were pretty much the same. I.interestingly the cockroaches, based on size, had similar results of balls. Big roach,small spider the roach was brave, same for the other way around . Interestingly I noticed feeder (roach) species has a difference. The spiders have learned those big introduced roaches put up a fight. So I used foreign species of roach (hisser, lobster, dubia) they were more 50/50 on it which I think has to do with learned relations with the local introduced species, compared to just. Big vs small with the introduced species which they recognize as different.

In the end I found that huntsman are fairly useless in the control of the invasive cockroach we always see. At least of mature breeding sized roaches. They do seem to polish off a.fair share of young ones though.


Nah… a normal reflex camera with a macro lens and a flash is the secret to these shots. Well, that a some patience. And a white cup :slight_smile:

Even if the shots are not super artistic, I’m still looking forward to see them. I think I only saw this type of coloration, a dark brown that might look black with whitey dots depending on the light.



some pics from now and past. some fun ones. If anyone knows genus or species would greatly appreciate it!

Macrothele, funnel webs


Fungus attack

cave in Gang shan kaohsiung








Saw a small pale yellow spider in my car on the highway and it went to hide under the dash. FML.

It’s leg span was prob the size of a 10/50nt coin. Should I be worried or is it just eating small bugs in the car?


there are almost no seriously dangerous spiders native to taiwan. agriculture and pet trade might change that, but for now there are supposedly redbacks (i have never found one despite searching for many many years) and the native Macrothele (funnel webs) which are probably pretty poisonous but not found much outside of forests and are way deep in their funnel webs waiting. so ya, your spider in your car is probably not a worry. the bugs its likely killing are probably more of a pain in the ass for you than the spider.


Nope. In my home, Juanita parachuted under my nose from the chandelier above while I watched TV.


Cheeky bastards… got to love them.