Arachnida of Taiwan

Dear lord, not another conversation on on daddy long leg venom…

The apider seems to be a log haw orb weaver, Tetragnathidae. Not my area so cant comment on species.

And yes, human shit is a good fertilizer. Just compost it properly (mixed and hot) an dont use it on food. Fruit trees might be fine, but its pretty high in N and with varied human diets its not a consistent nutrient value unlike factory farmed animals. Perhaps source it from jails, military and schools, close enough to factory farms that the NPK ratio might be usable throughout the year.

Not to worry you, but taiwan is now starting to scale up human shit as a fert. In multiple crops such as rice. Just and FYI, i disagree with it…this wont likely be reported on in the media.


Ill go for that too.

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So then I was somewhat right.

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