ARC/APRC number format to be changed starting in 2020

Couldn’t find the original thread for this.

ARC number format will match the local numbers by October 2020

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So it’s been bumped a full year now… it was supposed to have been implemented this summer if I remember correctly.

I hope they allow matching with the number math format of Taiwanese IDs otherwise just changing the number still makes it useless.

I don’t know how to react to this news. Indifference? :man_shrugging:



ARC number format to be changed next year

That’s what they said last year.

Their never was a plan to change the format to match that of the Taiwan national ID card, it’ll be an approximation but still different.

Well, this article is reporting that it will match (if it ever gets implemented). That’s news, and will be much more convenient for transacting with systems that take a national ID number. Online shopping, etc.

Has there been any word on how this will be handled practically? How do I get the new card, is there a grace period, do I need to reapply for things like E-Gate? Can one simply wait until renewal if on ARC? Does one even have to change if on APRC?

What I heard is that these practical concerns are one of the main drivers behind the delay in implementing this. It’s a million people affected, and every unusual case has to be planned for.


The article mentions that it will be changed to one letter and nine numbers from two letters and 8 numbers.

It will most likely still be different from Taiwanese ID’s! And some ID verification will still fail as they validate only on 1 and 2 as second character.

This change will make you have to run around and update your ARC number everywhere.
bank accounts, phone contract, online accounts, …

The only solution is to offer software that will calculate the new number from the old number and force companies/institutions to update it automatically.



well, the opposite is that foreigners will continue to complain about problems filling out forms online with ARC, like train tix, etc.
Thought most foreigners wanted this opportunity to be taken like a local when doing something online.

I agree with and remain worried about this

okay. you answered the problem. Good catch.

Good start, but still not enough !

I still don’t get it, why APRC holders can’t buy a gogoro with government support.

Why don’t we get free entry into the NP museum ?

No elderly discounts for train-tickets

Why do some mobile phone companies need a tw guaranteed to sign up for a contract or leave a deposit ?

And so much more …



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Don’t worry everyone, I’m sure they will get it figured out. :grimacing:

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Software? It’s a one-liner.

Don’t forget that besides changing the second character a new ‘check digit’ needs to be calculated. So the second and the last character will change.

You could put any amount of code in one line if you wish. “Software” was just a generalization.

And you just KNOW that it won’t be as simple as just calling the banks and phone companies to change your number.

They will all want you to come in person and wait an hour while they fuss around figuring out how to update the info.

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It’s disgusting. Did you know that a disabled APRC or ARC holder for example isn’t allowed a discounted ticket on the high speed train?

And many attractions that give discounts to people in the local area won’t give it to foreigners with ARC … looking at you maokong gondola

October 2020 is here. Any word on this yet? TIA

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