Are countries finally going to start pushing back against China?


The problem is the world has a short memory and a love of money. Countries may make a fuss about moving manufacturing out of China, or investigating the cause of the pandemic, or strengthening ties with Taiwan, but once we’re a couple years past this thing (and it will pass) it’ll return to business as usual.


Profit over principle!


The human world is on its last leg of post capitalism so time will tell the direction and destination of the next ideology(ies).

This sounds like some wannabe revolutionaries talking in a chat room. Even now, there has never been a better time to be alive. We have never had so little poverty in the world. I don’t see how it’s on the last stretch as no other system has ever come close.

In fact the place you’re from, Hong Kong, is living proof of that compared to the mainland.

If most countries can be them in the production of a vaccine, more than likely most.

If China comes up with a functioning vaccine and able to deliver other chain supply stuff, less than likely.

I’m from Canada by the way.

Read the Nobel laureates of economics and the Guardian.

The book brings up good points and made good predictions. And certainly was a right place right time topic.

But it only explains that we should be worry about low growth in the coming decades not because that would mean a slower rise in overall wealth, lower standards of living, or levels of poverty, but only because it might worsen inequality. It never explains why inequality is bad. This seems to be a common theme, a focus on inequality instead of overall standards of living with people who criticize capitalism.

“Last week, anti-China banners with the face of President Xi Jinping reading “China Lied, People Died” and “China Virus” popped up in Brasília.”


Inequality can only be addressed if capitalism evolves.

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My opinion, China is grossly underestimating the upcoming backlash, even now as they should be falling over themselves to show transparency they are doubling down on coverup.

It looks like the world will be dealing with this virus for years to come and as long as that is an ongoing process, there is no forgetting where the virus originated and what the Chinese authorities did in first covering up the pandemic, then lied though the WHO about it’s transmission from person to person and then locked down all of Wuhan and stopped flights from WuHan to other parts of China, but continued to allow international flights.


Especially in China- it went from US$300 GDP/person in 1989 to $10,000 in 2019, thanks to “socialism with Chinese characteristics” i.e. capitalism.


I, unfortunately, also believe this. People as a whole only change ince it is too late. And on the scale of actual world changing events, the CCP virus is nothing but a fraction of a smudge. Once it is gone, or stable ebough it only kills tens of thousands annually, no one will care about human rights, war mongering, torture and all those lovely things we like to pretend enrage us over tea and scones.


But is inequality actually a problem or bad if more and more people are getting out of poverty and the standards of living continues to rise. We already do many to the things the book suggests like Progrrssive tax as well.

If everyone is driving BMWs and some people drive Bentleys, I don’t really see it as a problem.

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they can’t even produce masks without cocking most of them up, no chance the vaccine is coming from china.

If I were to believe in conspire theories, It’s almost as if they wanted to export it intentionally. we are going down so you will as well


The non-capitalist solution for inequality: everybody is equally poor. :sunglasses:


Unfortunately with species with a lack of self control, such as our species, probably the only real answer to that will involve population control. If we keep breeding and behaving like rats there is no option other than collapse. The earth is finite, in every way. The fact we dont consider this and tey and find an answer to it, hopefully more humane than China’s style, is confusing.

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Two words: Soylent Green.

They’ve really lost their shit. At this point they seem hell-bent on turning everyone against them. And, unlike most of the cheap products they manufacture, it’s working!