Are countries finally going to start pushing back against China?

I suspect this has more to do with established world powers taking their eye off the ball: getting fat and lazy, becoming obsessed with gender, equality, and similar bullshit, and generally believing that they’ll continue to be special without any particular effort required.

As many a wiseass has observed, 80% of success is just showing up.


Considering how much foreign investments entered China plus theft of intellectual properties CCP achieved industrialisation in 30/40 years only when compared to the UK with 150.

Well, is it really harder for countries to become industrialized when someone else already has? I mean the UK industrialized having to be pioneers at this. Everyone else just needed to copy what the UK did and all they needed was money and incentives.

So industrializing in 20 years isn’t impossible. Plus the rest of the developed world kind of helped China industrialize by outsourcing stuff to them.

Sounds like …the story of every other country that ever industrialised (Britain was the exception only because they did it first). Remember when Japan was renowned for “copy-culture”? And U.S. industrialisation was driven by British investment plus American espionage.

They are #2 because everyday folk couldnt care less about human rights and just want cheap crap to wow them all the time. Like crows with shiny shit. To think this kind of species is also capable of space travel continues to blow my mind.

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U.S. is #1 for same reasons, with Japan and western Europe filling in the list (and hangers-on like Canada and Australia).
Everyday folks in poor countries also want that shiny shit, but don’t get it. The question is, why the difference?

Likely due to poor education, greed, selfishness and lack of long term thinking. Poor or rich, the vast majority are like this. And although it may very well be what helped us sapiens evolve and kill past our other related species into what we are today; perhaps, with our self proclaimed superior intelligence it is time for another evolution past this seemingly retarding state of mind.

If the CCP rules the planet we all know the truth!

If the resistance can fight against the terminators, then we are not allowed to give in to that possibility.

Question is, if we are intelligent why are we waiting til its too late?