Are cram schools really paying less than what they paid before?

So I have been subbing for this school for a year now and they have been paying me the agreed amount that we have discussed in a formal meeting (without contract). I only sub when needed. However, without any explanation nor notice they have lowered my hourly fee by NT75 per hour. Moreover, they are asking the teacher of that class to pay the extra from his own pocket since the school is not paying it. According to the owner of the school, the rationale behind this is that there is a new government policy that cram schools are only allowed to pay foreign teachers no more than 550/hr… Can someone enlighten me regarding this policy? I am appalled with the unjust treatment of this school to their teachers.

That…can’t be right. There’s just no way.

Start looking for a new job!


That’s got to be the best cram school boss fib I’ve ever heard.


He’s a lying son of a bitch but it comes with the territory.

Only allowed to pay 550 an hour LMAO…

Tell him to pay the same as before or find another job.


What a dipshit. Is that how much you think you’re worth? Obviously not, right? Tell him to go fuck himself. Then find a better job.


What a load of BS. Put them on blast.

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Are you working legally for them?

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Ooh! Great point. The OP needs a marriage based ARC or his own APRC in order to be legal. Or have this employer listed on his working ARC as a secondary employer.

OP…care to share your status?

$550 per hour? Why would you work for this shit wage?

Make a living ? Why does anybody work?

If you don’t want to disclose publicly, you may PM me as well. If it’s legal, then I should be able to point you to the relevant laws that this violates. I don’t give formal legal advice, I just memorised the Labour Standards Act because I had to sue a Buxiban I did part time work for.

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You don’t make a living on 550 an hour. That’s the whole point.

It sounds like he’s subbing a few days at a time when the regular teacher is out. Not many teachers or schools worry about doing that legally, and some students scrape by a living that way. In that situation, you pretty much take what they offer and like it or lump it. If the school doesn’t have a contract with the OP, they can pay what they want at any time, and they aren’t likely reporting his income so any laws wouldn’t apply. My school hasn’t lowered my salary anyway.

Sure people do. Some make a living at 140 nt an hour.

It’s not much of a “living.”

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Legally, oral contracts are valid. The difficulty lies in proving the content of an oral contract.

(Of course, if you’re not working legally, just stop!)

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If you want to teach adults and get out of the kids dancing monkey routine, gvo still only pays $500 an hour, the rate hasn’t gone up ever. One teacher managed to get $550 out of them.

But then again there is zero prep or marking so I guess that factors into the rate.

Columbia is like $650 or $700 an hour but formal dress and lots of prep

A GVO opened up near me recently. They offered two rates: 490 per hour or 510 if you have a North American accent.

I couldn’t believe they could get any teachers, but they did.

So many people want out of the teaching kids game so they can get away with it.

Is there other adult schools paying much higher?

Plus they provide an ARC for part time work so wink wink nudge nudge many people have second side gigs

Yeah. Trinity were paying me 800 an hour for conversation classes and 900 an hour for IELTS prep 5 years ago. The British Council pay 950 and upwards an hour.

At 500 an hour you’d have to teach 30 hours a week to get a livable monthly income. I suppose they must be doing other stuff on the side, as you say.

A daytime kindy gig with some easy adult evening stuff would pay pretty well.

Yikes… GVO is really underpaid then.
Where do you go to pick up the IELTS prep classes if you don’t mind indulging me.

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