Are Male APRC Holders Below the Age of 60 Obligated to Serve in Armed Forces if China Attacks?

So a colleague has told me that this is the case… male APRC holders must serve in the event of an invasion. He insists it’s true, but I can’t find anything about this and have never heard of it before. Can anyone site this law (if it exists) from a reputable source?

That couldn’t possibly be true.


or at least you are praying it doesn’t, presuming you’re a APRCer :smile:

Actually, not even remotely worried. It’s ridiculous on the face of it.


I’m not either even as ARCer.

I’m imagining a forumosa brigade, many of us holding guns for the first time in our lives, and perhaps meeting each other face to face for the first time. “Wait, YOU’RE the one who wrote that in IP?!?!?!” And we start shooting at each other and China doesn’t need to do much but sit back and watch.


Might as well just wave that white flag and get it over with… :pensive:


Is he a local or a furriner? It’s complete nonsense.


Pretty sure he’s pulling your leg. Either that or just really clueless.

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Or jealous the OP qualifies to apply for an APRC

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Don’t think he’s trying to pull my leg… perhaps this person got misinformed by someone else who was also misinformed.

Still, I think it would be great if when you pick up your APRC that they give you a little brochure or something explaining to you your rights and responsibilities of being an APRC holder.

It would be little indeed, as there aren’t much of either. :sweat_smile:


When you get married to a Taiwanese they give you a book telling you about your rights as spouse of a Taiwanese citizen, and other things related to living in Taiwan. Wish I still had mine. I believe it was called ‘New Immigrants’ or something along those lines.

EDIT: found it


like the size of a namecard in font size 60: PAY TAXES

The fact that all the people on the cover are Asian women in stereotypical ethic outfits is pretty telling.


They forgot to include in the picturee a foreigner in sandals with a beer in his hand sitting outside a 7-Eleven.


Ask your colleague to show you the proof since he insists its true. He won’t be able to.

I’m happy to pick up a rifle to defend us from the MAINLAND. Hell, I’d even eat rats and rice. I just feel sorry for the poor blokes who have to pick me up and carry me to the bunker.


Yeeeaaah… the rest of you can play Rambo. I’ll be on the first evac flight or ship out with my family, thanks.