Are there any line groups for bicycle or bicycle related topics?

just want to be involved in the community and possibly network and make friends with like minded people

@ranlee… a phone call for you


Hey @Wilsonckao , feel free to join us in the Unofficial Forumosa Cycling Club LINE chat. It’s a bit quiet as of late, but that doesn’t mean it has to stay that way.

There’s plenty of groups out there that are connected to apparel brands, bike brands, different kinds of bikes, style of riding and so on and so forth. Let me know where you are and I can point you in the right direction.

Feel free to PM me if you’d like. I’m always down for chatting about anything cycling.


try this LINE group

May I ask where these rides are held? I may be interested if they are serious rides, but I am not interested in riverside path rides.

You can also try these platforms if you don’t mind community outside of LINE: International ZWIFT Indoor Training Exchange Group :hugs:

Every ride I’m on in this my 19th comeback on the bike I bump into the Rapha people. Hell there be a lot of them.

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Don’t lie. You go out looking for them.

Bastards keep dropping me on the first berg of the day

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