Are we going camping this year or what?

[quote=“redwagon”]^^^ Given that you answered in 7 minutes I guess you’re thirsty! You sure you can hold out until August? :wink:
If the interest is there, I’d be happy to mix some up for the campers. :slight_smile:[/quote]

Need a blender? :sunglasses:

Bu lai En, is it yours? Another chap has already claimed it. I might come and take couple of new snaps.

btw, I like your avatar. She looks so cool.

Ugh, no, I don’t wanna lead anything.

Let’s let it happen.:slight_smile:

I like your avatar, but I know that’s not really you. You’re much younger and you run a legal kindergarden.

[quote=“MJB”]Need a blender? :sunglasses:[/quote]Heh heh. I like your blender. Experienced. :slight_smile:

I’m somewhat younger and I don’t run a kindergarten. :smiley:

[quote=“jdsmith”]Ugh, no, I don’t wanna lead anything.

Let’s let it happen.:slight_smile:[/quote]
No need to.

Lets just do BYO everything, so it’s just a matter of picking a date and booking the place. I would doubt there is a need to book the whole place out like last time, so people can just pay for the nights they need I reckon.

Another nice place-- ping lin, it’s further up from wulai but on the other way toward ilan. We used to camp by the river and swimming in it at night with water snake! :smiley:

Most importantly it’s quiet and all natural and not too far away from taipei. Just one more spot for your reference.

By the way, i like camping too and perhaps i will join in you guys some day, if you don’t mind girls joining in. :slight_smile:

Hi travel gal, there are lots of couples and families in the “you guys” group you mention – of course single girls (and single guys) are welcome! You needn’t worry about that kind of thing. :slight_smile: Everyone is welcome!

People with online names beginning with a “d” and ending with an “s” are not allowed.

Any chance of getting the group moving on this? We’d love to do this again – all we need is a ride! :smiley:

At some point in time you really need to consider purchasing some transportation… :wink:

I just went through Pinglin yesterday morning…No thanks, what a freakin zoo. It’s even worse now that the tunnel is open, I can’t even imagine how crowded a campground there would be. No thanks, I’m thinking Neiwan once more, if it does in fact survive the Typhoon. I know it’s a long haul for the Taipei crowd, but it is quieter than Pinglin would be, and much more picturesque.

come on come on come on come ooooooooooooon.

When? When when when when?

packs dog in luggage in anticipation

Since I have to work on Saturdays now (I feel too new at my job to be asking for time off already) and I have no transportation (and it was such a bitch to find transportation back to Taipei), I’m going to have to pass. As much as I would love to go camping again, if it’s going to be that far from civilization (and public transportation like train stations), I won’t be able to go.

Sigh. It’s a good thing I opened my tent inside my house when I got it. It’s the only time it’s ever been out of its package.

I’m probably going weekend after next. I think that’s Aug 5 or something.


Hold the fort girl…If memory serves, I gave you a ride down the mountain and arranged for your cab back home.

Quite frankly, listening to people complain about lack of transportation is getting a bit stale. It’s never been easier to travel in Taiwan, and compared to when I first arrived, it’s a cakewalk. Suggestion: Rent a van, same as last year, but don’t hire a driver. Surely one of you is capable of driving an automobile. Between 6-7 people, it would be less than a night out on the town. It’s also your choice to be hog-tied to public transportation.

Matter of priority I guess…If you want to get out into the boonies and sit by the campfire, you’ll find a way.

If you organize transportation, make sure it goes round trip. I had to leave gear at the campsite last summer and make a separate run to retrieve it.

Please, stop whining about not having transportation and figure it out…And Imaniou, this isn’t directed soley at you, but to all who spout the same tired line:

“I’d love to go, but I don’t have transportation…Can I get a ride?”

Or even better: “I’d love to go, but I need a ride, and by the way if I’m in your car can you not do this, this and this…” :bravo:

Holy shit, some of you have been here for many years…Are you telling me you don’t even own a second hand scooter?

Selfish rant ends here. :slight_smile:

Actually I’m pretty sure a scooter would be cheaper than taking the bus and MRT everywhere. I don’t want one because: 1) They are dangerous. 2) Because there is already too many of the damn things stinking up the air and clogging up the sidewalks .

Tigerman and I rented a van last year; I drove, and it worked out well. :slight_smile: I’d be happy to do that again, if there are interested non-smoking parties. (Stopping for an extra-vehicular break for smokers is perfectly fine, btw. We aim to please. :slight_smile: )

Actually I’m pretty sure a scooter would be cheaper than taking the bus and MRT everywhere. I don’t want one because: 1) They are dangerous. 2) Because there is already too many of the damn things stinking up the air and clogging up the sidewalks .[/quote]

But that’s the whole point isn’t it? I mean, once you want to travel beyond the boundries of the public transportation tentacles, you are pretty much screwed.


Thing is the public transportation to the countryside has been detriorating exactly because everybody owns a car or scooter now. So, what happens? Every weekend the nice places turn into a parking lot. Really the only way public transport will improve is if there is a demand for it and if you want to be part of that demand your travel choices are limited and you wait at the side of the road a lot. I think it’s noble but realize I may be alone in this. Some people have Idahos, others windmills. I have the bus stop.