Are you Canadian?

Click here to find out the depths of your national consciousness…

4 - Crap.
But I’m immune because I’m American. I’m surprised I got any right at all. Too bad there was nothing on hockey.

Try again. They rotate the questions. :sunglasses:

I got a four also. Any higher and I would have needed to have my face slapped.

It sure was fun pounding on that goalie. :smiling_imp:

4 “Crap” :cry:

10 Thank you very much.

8! I guess I am Canadian after all! Some days I wonder…

this is such typical canadian silliness. always trying to figure out our identity especially since we’re so afraid of being classified as no more culturally distinguishable than the average american.

kind of like that molson or labatts ad: i am canadian! what drivel.
of course this may be in part due to our illustrious history summed up by: Hudson Bay, fur trading, Quebec Act (and all that baggage), Louis Riel, Canadian Railroad, mining/forestry/other similar industries, cold winters, relationships with native bands/tribes, and Trudeau.
highlights: hockey, advances in medicine (the polio guy), heroism in the world wars
lowpoints: quite a few.

1…and that was only because of my latin ability. I’m proud.

Do I have to hand in my passport…i got a 4…crap…

At least I scored 2 in the 5 hole.

You’re right…the second time I got a 5 - Still Bad. It’s a good thing I’ve never even stepped foot in Canada, eh?

I got only 3. I guess going to Canada for vacation just does not cut it.

I enjoyed destroying the goal keeper though.

  1. I guess helping all those Taiwanese with the immigration test didn’t help one little bit.

I get 6 everytime, which seems to be more than you lot, so can I be a Canadian, please ?

I got 6~ :mrgreen:
Winnie <-- I think this was in one of those ‘Canadian Heritage’ commercials…

I scored 4 because I second-guessed myself on most of the questions.

I also got 4 - crap. :raspberry:

I see it as a sign from god to leave Taiwan ASAP and head back to Canada.

:canada: :angel:

Martin in LuChou.

only a 6, but knocked the keeper’s heart flying 3 times??

we canadians have got a lotta heart(s) :smiley:

I scored a big ONE, beat the living CRAP out the keeper though.

I’m from the U.K by the way!

I got 4. But what’s with two out of ten questions on Winnipeg?