Arkansas Diner

You been @whatswiththeyams? Take a look at some of those pictures, I think the dessert menu is calling you…

I’d like to go


They have chicken fried steak and biscuits with gravy!!! I want!

They had a pretty mean Turkey Sandwich for Thanksgiving! I’ve been there a few times and am definitely a fan. Very traditional American cookin’ (can’t speak much to Southern food, but it’s what I would imagine).

The very first time I went there I got their spicy burger thinking that it would be “Taiwanese Spicy” – but be warned, this thing is the hottest thing I’ve eaten in my life. I’m convinced it has some Carolina Reapers in it.

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I’ve had my eye on those abominable biscuits, cheesed out tots, and pecan pie for a while now, but that alone was not occasion enough to draw me out of my lair.

Looks like they now have a seasonal punkn paaàæ special, which means the trip to K-town’s dark underbelly will leave me coming out with a P-Pie one way or another, as they’re also right beside North Costco.

Fucking thank you.

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Good food (for Americans , my Taiwanese roommate she not so keen on it). Nice owner. They had a second location but it closed. Please go and support the business!

I’ve been too, @tempogain. Like a hundred times over the years. It’s good, but heavy. It’s definitely not compatible with any diet. I’ll take pics next time I have it (they’re on UberEats, so nowadays I usually just order it). Landis, the owner, is a good guy.

I usually get the sloppy joe bowl or pulled pork bowl.


I hear you :slight_smile: After some alarming pants waistline issues, I’m trying this intermittent fasting thing, it’s having some effect


I’m gaining weight again. I’m so weak willed. :disappointed:

When im doing my roubds to the beer store visiting the inlaws i walk by a place called this. It is in/near Aozidi right? Not far from costco by the new Eda highrise monstrosity?

If thats the right place, guess we are going when we go back for a visit next time. Drooling just thinking about REAL pumpkin pie.

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Yes, right by Aozidi station.

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Awesome. Guess they have new customers here if it tastes good.

I realize it isnt their focus, but do they have vegetarian stuff? My inlaws are strict vegan but not the local type (they eat garlic onions etc). Just dont want animal parts. The pie is safe but do they have meals (or appies, they are all skinny and lazy so dont eat much) that are animal free? If so wpuld like to bring the family :slight_smile:

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Well, I think they have vegetarian options like plain cheese sandwich or an egg biscuit. But of course neither of those are vegan, because they still have animal products. :disappointed:

EDIT: Here is the menu, but you have to zoom in.

I looked and didn’t see any strict vegan options, except sides like plain biscuits (and even that probably has milk in it). Sorry, might be out of luck.

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Arkansas food?

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Thanks for looking! I will show them and they can decide. Vegetarians are easy but vegans can be a handful.

Me and my wife will go anyway :slight_smile:

Terry…ya not sure. I am telling my friends cajun style (cause they wint notice the difference between arkansas and alabama

Figure it out when the fork hits the lips :wink:

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Every time I’m in Kaohsiung I make sure to have breakfast at Arkansas Diner. It’s a winner!


One item I like, Chili on rice, it’s like a local Hawaiian dish though

Landis here from Arkansas Diner, We do offer a number of Vegetarian options but sorry, no Vegan other than 1 Salad, our Lafe Salad.


Well I do my best, My Biscuits and Gravy are 3 time Arkansas Grandmother Approved so I think that’s pretty darn good, I’m from up around Jonesboro, Paragould area.


Plenty good enough. See you in a couple weeks :slight_smile:

I think it’s established that Arkansas food is a poor cousin to Missourian cuisine.