🛬 Arrival | Current regulations for entry to Taiwan?

Is it possible to travel to Taiwan now? Have all Covid-related restrictions on arrival been lifted?
Thank you.

Only very basic measures are in place. Quarantine has ended.

Can you please tell me what measures? Can I just board a flight to Taiwan? Or do I have to download some application, or get tested, or whatever…?

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Yes what…?

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Taiwan is wide open right now anyone can arrive who have been vaccinated, and no test required before getting on plane, also depends on what country you are coming from and what passport you hold and associated visa requirements and yada yada yada

Can you offer some more details about those things?

Israeli passport, arriving from European Union, no visa requirements as far as I know. Had 3 Pfizer vaccines. I have read something about self-testing four times after arrival in Taiwan, I don’t understand how that works. I am looking for hassle-free travel, I am fed up with restrictions…

Zero restrictions. How many times would you like us to repeat that?

Will you be selling jewelry?

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Unfortunately, they still don’t allow to bring liquids through security and economy seats are still quite inconvenient for longer trips.

Once you are in Taiwan, it seems like you are supposed to have a negative test before going out into the world and also avoid certain situations with crowding or exposure to more volnerable people. Most of the monitoring measure seems more like recommendations based on the wording in the FAQ.

“FAQs - Taiwan Centers for Disease Control” FAQs - Taiwan Centers for Disease Control

But I have not been, so I would rely more on responses above.

Biggest restriction is that you need to wear a mask.

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Nah. They hand you some boxes at the airport. That’s it. You only need to test if you have symptoms but since no one is keeping track it really doesn’t matter,

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Mask mandates are still in effect.

They give you the tests at the airport? Even better. Thought I had to bring my own.

Yes, I have read the FAQ and my understanding is that they give you 4 tests on arrival but you don’t have to report the results to anyone. I’m trying to understand if this is really the case. The situation seems to be different in every country in Asia…

Correct. Every country makes their own rules.

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And once again. There is zero rules for you coming in to Taiwan. Bring your pet giraffe. No one cares.

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Thank you :+1::+1::+1:

What are the current regulations related to entering Taiwan now? Also, what are the regulations after entering Taiwan? Can anyone share some official website link? Thanks.

Depends on passport.