🛬 🛂 Arrival | Is it just me? (passport checks)

But every time I go through passport control here, the border agents always spend a couple of minutes examining my passport in minute detail.

They even pull out their magnifying glasses to check it at close range.

It’s the only country in Asia where they pay such close attention to my passport. Maybe I just look sketchy to Taiwanese border control.


Mine usually just gets a couple of quick glances back and forth.

I just use the egate. No one to ask me questions.


I use the e-gate so no one looks at me.
Once there was a problem where my ARC and passport mustn’t have been synced properly and the egate didn’t work

Even then the officer barely looked at me, just tapped on the computer and put my passport under a UV light

Sure, but also what is your passport country again?

Might be related to your username. It looks a bit sketchy if you have a specific fortaiwan passport.


I used to have this happen for a few years, following my passport having been stolen and getting a new one. Maybe border guards get some kind of message when someone like this shows up.

Egate should help indeed.

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I’ve had this experience two times. My wife was able to see the border agent’s screen and told me the agent was comparing my pictures to pictures of criminals. So it takes a while, because the agent has to compare you against lots of faces. :sweat_smile: Maybe there’s more to it, but I think this is what takes long.

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This you? :thinking:

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Hhahahh I had that haircut during my teenage years :joy:

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That’s an admission!

Get him, boys!

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Happened always to me here in Tw before I could use egate. This is because the bio data page got a slight crease (I’m a bit messy…), So they always check if it was counterfeit or not

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I’ve seen you. Definitely a criminal type.


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Are you Zain Dean?

Don’t they take finger prints now? Of the foreigners anyway.

Yeah, they take fingerprints and a picture without mask and glasses.

Thankfully not :pray:

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They have your fingerprints and they are still taking their time. Your picture must look really different.

Maybe looking for this guy

I have green hair in my passport, and now I have blondish hair, so that might be the reason.