Ask urodacus!

As everybody should know on here, our very own urodacus knows at least 6million things about science which we mere serfs do not. So I propose this thread (if he doesn’t mind) to ask those pesky science questions that have bugged you for a bit.

Here’s mine

  1. Why can’t human poo be used for fertilizer?

We have to wait for urodacus to answer them all, right?

Ok, here’s mine:
Where can I find foam?

No, wait, here’s a real one:
If evolution works, why so many idiots?

where’s that confounded bridge…?

[quote=“Funk500”]1) Why can’t human poo be used for fertilizer?[/quote]I believe the answer is it doesn’t contain enough nitrogen due to how much the differing digestive systems digest. You’ll have to check with him.

[quote=“Funk500”]1) Why can’t human poo be used for fertilizer?[/quote]In many countries, it is. The greatest concern is the spread of disease.

Like China and not that long ago Taiwan. The Barefoot doctor’s manual has a section on how to store and render it ready for the plants.


I have one. How come?

night soil sure can be used as fertiliser (and has been for millenia), but it has many germs we should try to avoid, such as coliform bacteria and the eggs of intestinal worms. these can be minimised (except for the spore forming bacterial species) by heating or fermenting the ‘manure’. there is less risk to health if one uses animal manure such as horse or cow dung, but the same principles apply: age or heat to kill most bacteria first.

probably one third to one third of the market gardens in the world rely on human sewage for irrigation, especially now that water is becoming scarce.
(new scientist article on the topic)

wash your vegies well, folks, in soapy water if possible.

because they’re not too stupid to have kids, and the state and society don’t eliminate their genes from the gene pool fast enough, Darwin Awards notwithstanding.

selection pressures against stupidity are balanced by society’s support mechanisms.

besides, even the most stupid human is probably more intelligent than your average garden snail, or sea sponge.

sandman has a ‘one’.

it’s compensation for your other failings, including the inability to stand on a footpeg properly.

Bloody scientific gobbledegook. I KNEW this was a bad idea.

How do trains work?

after connecting the voltage rail, and placing the Hornby H scale die cast locomotive of your choice on the track, dial the knob on the control box in a clockwise direction to reach the appropriate speed. slow down for tight bends, and slow down when crossing switchpoints. Smoke fluid (propylene glycol Hornby Catalog number SS-4533) may be added to the loco for a realistic steam effect.

Really? Even the stupidest American president? Smarter than a sea sponge? I find that one hard to believe.

sometimes it’s a close call. like i said, ‘probably’. that word is very useful for CYA activity.

Why do my Duracell batteries sometimes leak before the expiration date?

very hot conditions? used and abused? duracell copies?

guessing here, but i think the expiry date is only the date that they reckon they will still be able to give good charge IF you first use the batteries at that date, not that they will last until that date regardless of their use history. it does say somewhere on the battery: “keep in a cool place”. i keep mine in the fridge.


How do you feel?

i have a splitting headache, had it since last night. same place i hit my head in a crash last year. perhaps i need to see the neurologist again.