Audio: Practical Audio-Visual Chinese (新版實用視聽華語)


I’m starting in Feng Chia 5th december and will use this book.

I already bought the first (textbook and workbook) and the second in 2nd hand.

But the CD of the first book is missing. I already have a long search on google to download it but hard to find or too old link.

Do anyone have these books and can upload the cd ? or know where I can find it. (every CD would be perfect).

I will invite for a coffee for the help :wink: (I’m in Taichung)

Thanks a lot.

Here is a link to the torrent for the textbook, including mp3 audio:

Press on the Bit Torrent Download link. I just confirmed that the torrent has active seeders.

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thanks a lot !

I guess I can download all the PAVC 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, that’s all the books.

Really thanks so much !

Sure, no problem.

Disclaimer: I don’t support copyright infringement. :wink:

in fact this link regroup all of them

you saved me

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ah ah but as soon as you have the original book !

ok no cd but :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course. It’s good to be careful though. There is sometimes haphazard enforcement of copyright law here, but usually for music, which you probably wouldn’t want to listen to anyway. :slight_smile:

ah ah I like Jay Chou :smiley:

In that case, there’s no hope for you, ha ha.

It’s as simple as doing a Google search: The name of the textbook (新版實用視聽華語) + MP3 brings up the following bookstore where you can obtain the CD:

He’s probably downloaded the whole set of texts by now, ha. Nice to know there’s a totally kosher option though.

yeah but I bought the book, even if it’s 2nd hand, I’m supposed to receive the CD too.

Anyway, thanks to Dr Milker for his instant answer !

For people looking for the mp3 of the set, they are on the website given above (search PAVC it’s the all package) and of course, you should have the original book.

Do you know another way for downloading this books. This Torrent has no seeds T_T
Thank you in advance.

I just checked the link again, and it seems to be working fine. There was only one seeder online, but the download speed was good. Just leave your torrent program running and you should get a seeder online sooner or later.

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Does anyone have a torrent for 國語日報 or other materials with zhuyinfuhao, bopomofo?

Thank you

I can’t download it do you know why?

Hi there

Thanks for the link! I tried searching for PAVC 4 and 5 only, but can’t see any. Just wondering if you know the direct links to these, or do I have to download all of it?

Hello Guys,
This link does not work for me ( ), can you please suggest another one where I can download the audio stuff for Book 1?
Anyone helping out is invited for a nice coffee in Budapest!
Thanks, regards, Erik

You can always use WayBack machine

Did not check if it has any seeders.