Auditions or workshops for acting in Taipei or New Taipei City?

Hi! I’m wondering if there are any acting workshops in Taipei and New Taipei City. I’m really interested in acting and if possible is there any auditions in Taiwan who accept new timers ( not a real actor/ actress) and judge base on your skills? I have interested in acting since I was 4 but because of my family, my parents didn’t have time to look for acting agencies, workshops, or auditions. I’ve been searching for it by myself for a few years now. I don’t know why I can’t find any agencies, workshops, or auditions… maybe I’m searching it up wrong. So I need some help because I’m on the verge of giving up but I don’t want too. Please please please help me. Thank you :smile:


I know people. I’ve been offered acting/modelling gigs but i dont want to do it, i dont like being on TV, i dont like being public. It’s not me. It’s sorta a non-useful guanxi i have.

I can offer to the group, however, you’ll need to PM me privately for details.

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There was one very active large mostly volunteering acting community with their own theater that offered many opportunities to study but the director, Brook Hall from USA, moved away for new opportunities. There might be remnants of that taken another form. See below.

I have heard of a similar group but don’t have any other info other than they are located I believe in the Zhongshan district.

Search Facebook, there are acting groups in Taiwan. Maybe can get a lead from something or someone. There are also groups that mostly just send out acting opportunities.

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Thank you!!! If possible, how can I pm you privately? I would like to check it out!

Click my name/profile picture then press message.


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