Aug 8th: Taoyuan/Nankan/Yangmei/Jhongli Get together

It has been a while since we had one of our casual sit-around-and-talk-shit-over-beers-or-whatever gatherings.

How about Tuesday next week? That would be the 8th Aug, around 7.30 onwards.

Location: Aroma House, Nankan.

It is an easy to find spot, just off the freeway near the EVA air building. Good selection of western food, which includes meals, not just pub food. And, good selection of international beer - Boddingtons, Hoegarten, Erdinger etc etc.

I will post up a map for those that need it.

Who’s interested?

I am in.

i should be there

If I can make it I’ll be there too …

Address for taxis: 蘆竹鄉南華一街37號(馬可波羅二期)

Click on thumbnail for the map…

i work till 8:30, so can be there before 9 …

we WILL be there still. Promise.

Any Taipei-dwellers interested in going? If you want to go and can get to Banqiao Train Station for 6.30, I can offer a lift from there.

Count me in!

does it smell?

Not usually. Oh you mean the restaurant?

I do believe the term ‘Aroma’ is positive, and it lives up to that.

ok ok … i’ll shower first.

good, I mean.

Hee haw. heeeeee haw. heeeeeeeeeeeee haw.

Will make every attempt to attend…How’s the parking situation there?

you may have to look around a little - if you search you should have something within a couple of minutes not too far away.

How far is that from Taichung? My brain has switched off.

90 mins or so I believe.

If you leave at 6 PM, you might be there at 8ish, if you go by car.

Count me in

For a change, I won’t be riding a really long time! Ha! :smiley: