Australian steps on becoming a Taiwanese

This has been long in the making and really needs a separate thread.

This mostly applies to Aussies. However it can apply for others too such as British, Irish, Italians and Canadian citizens who have previously served in the military. (Perhaps we could make steps for them later)

I am not including fees in this as the fees change often on a yearly basis. You can find the fees as you process through and they are relatively modest they do add up to around 20,000-30,000 NTD in total for Australians including authentication and application fees as a conservative estimate - (not including a new passport).

Part 1
Step 1: Pass the language test. Credit to @Fuzzy_Barbecue on this one. Cracking the Naturalization Language Exam - A Guide - #81 by Fuzzy_Barbecue

But to summarize as @justintaiwan said all you need to remember to pass is:
B bukeyi 不可以
A All of the above
Sh shi 是

Part 2: Get the criminal police check in one’s home country

Step 1:
Apply for a National Police Certificate | Australian Federal Police have it mailed to your address in Taiwan.

Step 2: Forward to TECO Canberra along with a cover letter with your Taiwan address, application form, postage request form and a notarized copy of ARC (can be done by a court notary)
email and telling them that you will remit the authentication and postage fee using your local Australian account. You also need to fill out both of the following application forms. 
Important! Send an email touching base that includes the tracking number. Then follow up once it shows as received if you still have no response. (They are a bit slow to be honest)

Step 3: Take the certificate to BOCA along with a photocopy of your ARC, certificate and the application form - 外交部領事事務局全球資訊網-表格下載

Step 4: Take the document to be translated and reauthenticated. I took it here . They do both the translation and authentication 

Part 3: Apply for naturalization

This part is the easiest. All you need is the following.
Passport of country of ARC
Criminal record check
Bank deposit for the HHR fee
Signature chop

Step 1. Go to Taiwan Post and show them this photo and pay the 1,200 application fee.

Step 2: Take the documents to your local HHR – Mine actually filled out the form for me.

Part 4: Prepare both renounce and resume applications.
(This part can be prepared while waiting for your naturalization approval.)
Step 1: Apply for the Taiwan criminal record check.
Prepare the following applications. – These are not too hard to fill out apart from the “date acquired” just wait on that one lol

Gather the following documents:
Copy of Aus citizenship certificate or birth certificate X2
Copy of passport photo X2
Copy of Australian passport X2
You have to also get a professional in Taiwan such as a teacher or doctor to sign these for you. – They also must go guarantor on both of the applications too.

Step 2:
Gather the following Taiwan documents and get them translated and notarized (Request at least 2 copies of each as you need to provide one for each renounce and resume applications):
Drivers license
Letter from MOI requiring that you renounce and resume.

The following ones you only need them notarized and not translated as they are in English. Just take to a notary (request at least 2 copies of each as you need to provide one for each renounce and resume applications):
Alien Residency card
Naturalization certificate
Taiwan criminal record check

Once approved:

Parts 5 and 6 can be done simultaneously:

Part 5 Apply for TARC and passport
Go to the immigration office with a passport photo for your Tarc
After a week when you have your TARC you can apply for your passport at BOCA. Take your TARC along with a passport photo for the application.

Part 6: Send off the renunciation application

Step 1: Prepay the application fee – Here are the instructions on that here How to pay for paper application
Make sure to pay to the Parramata evidence team
Step 2: Send the renunciation certificate –
Mail the renunciation to:
Evidence Processing Unit Parramatta Department of Home Affairs GPO Box 9984 SYDNEY NSW 2001 AUSTRALIA

This will take about 1 month to be approved. In the meantime, you can collect your local Taiwan police check and prepare that for your resumption application.

Parts 7 and 8 can be done simultaneously. - I sent both out on the same day

Part 7: Authenticate and reauthenticate the renunciation certificate

Step 1: Mail the printed renunciation certificate to Melbourne TECO.
You need a copy of your passport or ARC (Don’t need your new Taiwan passport or TARC)
Application form – Signed
Printed copy of renunciation approval.
Printed original email that contains the renunciation approval.

Send to
Consulate Division
Taipei Economic and Cultural Office, Melbourne
Level 46, 80 Collins Street
Melbourne Vic 3000
Tel: (03) 9650 8611
Why Melboune teco this time? They seem quicker and less busy. They also don’t require a notarized identity document. (But they cannot do the AFP police check, only state checks unlike the Canberra office. – I’m not sure if a state check is ok for naturalization though…)

Part 8: Mail your resumption application
Once again…
Prepay the fee like last time and send the form to:
Evidence Processing Unit Parramatta Department of Home Affairs GPO Box 9984 SYDNEY NSW 2001 AUSTRALIA
(Make sure to include your Taiwan police check. I got mine notarized by the local notary but I hear notorizing it isn’t needed)

Part 9: Re-authenticate the renunciation certificate and take to HHR
Do the BOCA, Translation and authentication like the police record check earlier.
Once done… take it to the HHR office along with your TARC.

Part 10: Relax and wait for a letter of approval from the HHR.
You should also have received your approval of resumption by now too. (Mine took 8 days but others have taken over a month or 2 months

Feel free to reapply for a new Australian (or other) passport once your new Australian citizenship certificate has arrived. - You also technically don’t need the new certificate. Just print out the approval email and the Taipei office will verify it with home affairs for you but mine arrived before my scheduled appointment.

Part 11: Apply for HHR

You know the drill.
1 full year or 2 years X amount of days and so forth. The HHR office will provide the updated details.

However, a point to remember is that you don’t need it straight away. You can live on your TARC indefinitely and wait until you are past military service age (just pay the 1,000NTD renewal fee every three years).


Great write up. The application fee of NT$1200 is the same as what I was charged in the 1990’s so you really are getting it cheap. By now you would think it would be NT$10,000 as it is for APRC. I think I’ve been cheated.

ACT is not a state, it is a Territory as is Northern Territory and is part of the Federal system so has the Australian Federal Police ie AFP.
States have their own police forces but also have AFP offices.

My documents were done by TECO Canberra.

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But only Canberra teco will do the AFP police check. It is quite a retarded system to be honest. - But that goes back to Taiwan and not Australia to blame.

The other TECO’s will do relevant state checks. (Which also are still national checks but who knows if the Taiwan authorities will accept them since they have “QLD police” for example and not “Australian Federal Police”)

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You Aussies are lucky with this one, renouncing to obtain another citizenship is a specific eligibility option for resuming Aussie citizenship. Most other countries don’t have this.

Canada isn’t so kind to people who renounce. In order to be eligible to resume you must have a permanent resident card and resided in Canada for >=365 days in the 2 years immediately preceding the date you apply to resume.

Which means Canadians first need to find a way to get permanent residence before this pathway even becomes feasible. And PR applications take up to 2 years to process.



Avatar checks out.


A few small corrections.

You need to be physically present 50% of that time. Could do 3 months 3 months 3 months etc…

As far as I can tell, Express Entry is the fastest way.

You can use this tool to see how many points you are likely to get.


Ah yes forgot that point, edited my comment

@Marco let’s write up the one for Italians when our time comes

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Will do!

I write English, you translate.



If eligible that’s the best way, in theory the whole process from renounce to resume could take 18 months. Which is still a huge pain in the arse compared to the Aussies, but doable.

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The quickest way is to have served in the Canadian armed forces it seems lol

Do you mean that one could simply do the 3 month waiver twice/three times in a year and get it that way?

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That’s right. But some others such as UK, Philippines and Ireland do.

South Africa and Italy have a way to do it too


I’m starting to hear rumblings of @Satellite_TV coming in to remind me that it’s good for the soul.

What do you mean waiver? You just don’t have to be physically present 50% of the alotted time.


I mean do you need a visa?

Where? lol also fyi if you have served you would be exempt from Taiwan conscription too. So there’s that. Of course if you’ve never served I wouldn’t suggest serving and coming back lol

no no, you get PR immediately if approved. Then your countdown of two years begins. You must be physically present in the country for half the time. It doesn’t need to be all at once, it just is cumulatively.

Most former Canadians that grew up in Canada will gain a tonne of points that will likely give them a huge edge without a job and getting a job offer will almost guarantee them entry.

Stuff like Canadian experience. education, proficiency in language etc…

The points threshold changes every year. But some years it is low and approval without a job is easy.

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To me that sounds risky. I like the idea of sponsoring a spouse and then having that spouse sponsor you… and use this other option as a backup

That’s what makes it discouraging.

Do the points reduce with age? There’s that too


Bias is towards 18-35
I just calculated mine and I got 459. I would be approved.