I must be sublimely ignorant or something, but I can’t seem to upload my avatar onto my profile… its asking for a URL - so that means I cant upload from my PC, I have to have an on-line server from which to upload it? is that the case? any way to upload it from my PC? cheers

Stick the pic on photobucket or something and link from there. That’ll do it.

To paste an avatar you need to first upload it to the web, for example via ImageShack.com. Go there, click Browse, then find the file on your computer, and click Host It!. Then, a whole series of 7 to 9 different addresses will appear; go to the bottom and copy the one that says Direct Link to Image.

Then go to your User Control Panel --> Profile --> Edit Avatar on Forumosa, and where it says “Link off-site:” paste the URL (i.e., web address) entitled Direct Link to Image from ImageShack. Hit Submit, and you should be done.

Thanks! This was the post that I needed. “direct link” is the key … I kept using the other links - the ones that I use to post pictures. Thanks, Dragonbones!

BTW, if the bottom URL address which ImageShack provides doesn’t say “Direct Link” to image or somesuch, and instead you see a clickable link saying something like “+Show advanced linked”, click that to get the direct link. It will tell you NOT to use that for posting in forums, but ignore the warning. They just want you to use other links that add ImageShack adverts to the picture; the direct link is clean and free of adverts.